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PHIT America's Announces Inaugural AMPED Champion Advisory Team

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

PHIT America is shining the spotlight on several P.E. teachers to honor some of our best AMPED Champions who have been leading by example to get their students healthy, fit and active. PHIT America's AMPED program is an incentivized running/walking program with more than 500 schools across the country and 250,000+ kids running more than half a million miles last year. See locations and testimonials.

"With hundreds of AMPED School Champions throughout the USA, our goal is to honor some of our best teachers and encourage other P.E. Teachers to "Go the Extra Mile" to become an Advisory Team Member." adds Jim Baugh, PHIT America founder. "We would like to add many more Advisory Team Members in the near future."

PHIT America Champion Advisory Team members are: Constantly using our programs and equipment with their students - AMPED plus at least one of our other programs - PLAY TENNIS, PLAY GOLF and/or PLAY PICKLEBALL In addition to:

  • Using EZ Scan

  • Using our Billie Jean King Brain Training System Eye Coach (BJK-BTS)

  • Submits photos, videos, testimonials, etc. to PHIT America

  • Promoting PHIT America through social media and with their peers

If you would like more information on the Advisory Team or getting involved with PHIT America, please contact Jolyn de Boer, PHIT America Advocacy & Program director, at

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