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The competition between the USA and China is obvious. But, the most disturbing issue is our future....our kids, who are in BAD SHAPE. Below are 5 areas which will determine if our kids or America will be competitive in the future. 

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  • USA Kids are ranked LAST in physical health among 38  countries

  • Chinese children must receive 2 hours of physical activity daily

  • USA Kids - 90% are not active to CDC standards

  • 20% of Chinese kids are overweight or obese 

  • 45.7% of USA kids are overweight or obese

  • USA obesity rates for children are trending higher

  • Chinese obese rates are trending down

  • Chinese students have higher test results than USA Kids in reading, math, and science;  The gap is getting bigger

  • USA test results for Math & Reading have been STAGNANT for the past decade

  • Chinese kids get active before the school day which wakes up the brain for improved learning

  • America spends $12,624 per year per child for education

    • This is the 5th highest in the world

  • The USA ‘Sit & Test’ Education approach is failing 

  • China mandates 1-hour of physical education daily in school & 1 hour after school

  • Nearly 50% of USA Schools have NO physical education programs

  • The average budget for PE in an elementary school is $462 per school…for the entire year

  • USA State PE Policy – Schools often get ‘waivers’ & bypass state PE requirements

  • China Policy - ’Physical Education classes and campus exercise activities will not be squeezed out in favor of other programs’

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  • In a study by The Lancet, they found kids' mental health is directly impacted by too much screen time, and not enough physical activity. 

  • Chinese kids can only play online games 1 hour per day on weekdays and limited time on weekends

  • USA Kids 8-12 years old spend 6 hours per day; Teens spend up to 9 hours a day

  • The CDC says to ‘limit screen-time to 1 hour and day and get kids active for 1 hour per day’ ; Neither of these are happening

  • The only thing all US kids move daily is their thumbs using electronic devices 

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  • Nearly ¾ of all USA teens are not fit enough to join the military

  • The US Military has relaxed standards to accept more recruits

  • Physical activity and fitness are affecting military readiness & national security

  • All citizens of China, regardless of ethnic status, race, occupation, family background, religious belief and education, have the obligation to perform military service.

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All sources for the above research can be found on the Inactivity Pandemic page

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