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PHIT America
School Locations 

Click on our interactive map to zoom in on our PHIT America School Locations that have received the AMPED Program ( more than 600 schools across the country and 300,000+ kids - running more than 1 million miles!    Map as of 12.14.23 in 48 states     School List


AMPED Champions' Testimonials

  •  New Boston Local Schools, New Boston, OH – Mary Waugh

"AMPED has been a game changer for my students.  The other classroom teachers noticed a difference in their students as they came back to the classroom.  They commented on how the students were settled down and ready to learn when they returned.  AMPED is such an amazing program!"

  • Ardmore Elementary, Villa Park, IL – Jon Kueper

"We received a PHIT America kit and It is really easy to set up everything and we were sent additional materials after we started our program.  There are many people positively affected by this program at our school.  Staff, students and parents enjoy seeing the positive impact on our students!  It is easy to run on an everyday basis once everything is set up and the kids enjoy the freedom to choose the run club when they want.  Thank you to PHIT America as we will continue this next school year and grow this program!"

  • North Powder Charter School, North Powder, OR – Stacy Bingham (school nurse)

"Our students get excited about the charms they are earning.  Each week we post their progress by class as well as our top students.  It has been a great incentive to keep the kids’ interest.  The EZ scan technology is very user friendly and the kids have fun scanning their badges. We really enjoy this program!"

  • Twin City Elementary, Stanwood, WA - Eric Walker

"My absolute favorite thing about this program is seeing students who are traditionally inactive in PE or at recess get really excited about moving. Students who are hesitant to try a sport of get involved  in a game are asking for more time to walk and run. I had one particular student who sits out of most activities, but as soon as we started AMPED they were all in and so proud of themselves!"


  • Allamanda Elementary School, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – Sean Glynn

"Our school completely loves the AMPED program! It made it easy and fun for the students to exercise and see their progress over time with the EZ Scan app. I saw a major boost in my students' motivation, effort, and enjoyment as a result. They also really enjoyed earning the charms and wearing their necklace with pride.
As a teacher, this program was a great asset to my curriculum. It is easy to use and implement and thus, easy for the students to get the hang of it quickly. In this day and age, physical activity for kids is so crucial and the AMPED program makes it simple to provide quality opportunities to move and be active at school.


  • Knowlton Township Elementary School, Delaware, NJ - Debbie Lennox

From the parents of a 2nd grader: "Erik loved coming to AMPED before school. We are so proud of him that he didn’t miss any AMPED sessions and that he made many miles running."



  • Rickey C Bailey Middle School, Spring, TX - Denitroy Green

"Implemented a running club for students to help get them in shape after school. The participation was great!! The kids enjoyed it and shared stories of continuing workouts at home with families.

  • Westar Elementary School, Goodyear, Arizona - Heather Amenhauser

“ I have been doing the AMPED running program at Westar and this year the students are really excited. I have students coming to me at recess asking when they can run again."It's every PE teachers dream.

  • Chartiers Valley Primary School, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania – Shelley Territ

 "The Chartiers Valley Primary school was so excited to be able to have their before-school running club in person. With 151 students participating it was so helpful and easy to have our EZ Scan system. It made tracking so easy. The kids loved earning weekly charms. Huge thank you for helping us bring our program back and better than ever


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If you are interested in more information or becoming an AMPED Champion at your School - please apply today!


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