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There are many ways for you to help:

  • Make a donation. For $10, you can get 1 kid active. $100 gets 10 kids moving

  • Visit your local school and ask them to increase the amount of physical activity taught by a physical education teacher in their school by implementing a PHIT America AMPED program. We have free programs to offer to schools throughout the year. Schools can apply for these programs HERE

  • If you want to start a local movement in your community, become a Community Ambassador. Learn more HERE

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PHIT America is the ideal 'social responsibility' partner for companies and foundations. We improve children's physical and mental health in local communities.

  • Sponsor a group of schools in your area.We need your help. PHIT America can get a school moving and more active for only $4,000.  We have 8 levels of sponsorship.

  • Engage your employees. They can  'adopt local schools' while also implementing AMPED and AMPED+ programs. This is a great PR opportunity.   You can see all the ways you can help HERE

  • PHIT America's biggest supporter is a family foundation.  Foundations see the huge benefit of supporting PHIT America.  Our cost of impact per child is second to none. 

  • If you are interested in learning more or becoming a PHIT America Sponsor, please contact Jim Baugh at

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We need your help. The education system has totally undervalued the importances of physical activity for improved learning. There is great research HERE for you to use. 

  • The first thing is to push for greater time for physical activity and physical education in schools.  Join other educators to make sure there are laws with real teeth that make sure EVERY kid is physically active at least 30 minutes at least 3 days a week. No EXCEPTIONS.

  • Our programs can be implemented before the school day...during the day...or after-school

  • Once you have 'local by in', PHIT America has the ideal programs and we are very efficient. We have worked on our programs for over 8 years and cost and impact per child are second to none.

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While charities, individuals, companies & foundations like PHIT America can help, government leaders must step up. 

  • Invest in the PHIT America National 'Private & Public Plan' which can help 50 million kids get more active and healthy. And, it costs less than $900 million to make this happen. 

  • This plan can be implemented in individual states. 

  • One of the key components is to pass legislation making physical activity a major priority every week for every kid...NO EXCEPTIONS or WAIVERS.   Physical education must be taught by a certified PE teachers. Many states have laws for PE but many do not stipulate who will teach our children physical education skills. 

PHIT America is confident that we can secure efficient programs for schools to implement efficient programs. If you truly want to fight the 'Inactivity Pandemic' and improve the physical and mental health of kids, please contact PHIT America Founder, Jim Baugh, at

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