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Meet Keith Furstenberg, PHIT America Champion Advisory Team

PHIT America is pleased to announce Keith Furstenberg, one of PHIT America's inaugural members of the Champion Advisory Team.

Keith Furstenberg is a physical education teacher at Free Home Elementary School in Canton, Georgia. Coach Furstenberg has been teaching for 24 years in a variety of settings including STEM, Art, 2nd grade and Special Education.

Keith grew up in Michigan but moved to Georgia 18 years ago. He has a deep appreciation for the outdoors and being in the water. He has been a life-long swimmer, having competed in high school and college. He has also coached the sport at the high school level. He also enjoys hiking in the mountains, working out, pickleball, and walking.

Last year he started a teacher pickleball team for the teachers at his school. He currently serves as a Physical Education Ambassador for the state of Georgia and is excited to be an AMPED Ambassador.

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