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What Do Schools Need To Do To Improve Kids' Fitness Levels?

Physical fitness for kids is essential to their overall health and well-being. Engaging in the recommended amount of physical activity each day benefits children by helping them develop strong bones and muscles, improving their mental health, boosting their immune systems, improving performance in school, and much more!

However, health and fitness for kids isn’t always a priority at home, leaving many students who don’t get the required amount of physical activity each day. But, kids can also be active at school. So, what do schools need to do to improve kids’ fitness levels?

How Schools Can Improve Kids’ Fitness Levels

  • Physical Education Curriculum - First and foremost, schools can improve the fitness levels of kids by offering physical education classes to students. That may sound strange, but over the last few years, thousands of schools around the country have partially or completely cut physical education out of their curriculum. This has left students with no options for physical activity during the day, which can lead to childhood obesity and other health risks.

  • Fitness Programs for Kids - Another way schools can improve children’s fitness levels is by implementing fitness programs for kids. These programs can either be separate from PE courses or work together with them. These programs are especially useful for schools that don’t offer PE classes, and are a great after

school complement to those that do. They often include specific exercise plans that get kids moving in a fun way, and can also focus on teaching children how to play a particular sport

At PHIT America Foundation, we believe that physical activity is a Miracle Drug for kids that benefits them in many ways. That’s why we think that physical education teachers have the most important job in America and that PE is a necessity in schools in order to build a healthier future for our children.

We aim to improve the physical and mental health of children all across the United States by providing kids with increased physical activity programs, like our AMPED programs; getting physical education back in schools; and helping children afford to play organized sports.

Sign our petition for healthy kids, or visit our website to find out how you can get involved and bring an AMPED program to a school near you! And look out for the documentary “Inactivity Pandemic” coming soon, which focuses on solutions that will get children moving again. You can also help us get kids active and healthy by donating to us today

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