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PHIT America is a national 501(c)3 charity improving the physical and mental health of 50 million children in the USA.

PHIT America is attacking a major problem, America’s pandemic, physical inactivity. USA kids are not healthy. UNICEF ranks USA kids last in physical health, 38th out of 38 countries. The British Journal of Sports Medicine has USA kids ranked 47th out of 50 countries in fitness. Nearly 50% of all schools have eliminated physical education. Some schools have no recess.

PHIT America has the solution. We implement better physical activity programs in schools. Our AMPED, PLAY TENNIS and PLAY GOLF programs get kids active…and keep them active. AMPED and PLAY TENNIS now include Billie Jean King’s Sweet Spot Training System.

PHIT America has great results - We have created 740,000 PHIT KIDS in over 1300 schools who have benefited from PHIT America programs. Our PHIT KIDS are becoming physically and mentally healthier by enjoying the unapparelled 12 Life-Long Benefits of Physical Activity.

PHIT America is led by Jim Baugh, former President of Wilson Sporting Goods and Sports Industry Hall of Fame inductee.


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