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Palm Beach County Youth Get National Media Attention as “PHIT Kids”

PHIT America promotes physical education for healthier, smarter and happier youth

JUPITER, FL, August 23, 2022 – Palm Beach County youth will get national media exposure this month when PHIT America launches a significant awareness and fundraising campaign. Featuring 46 students from Forest Hill and Allamanda Elementary Schools, the campaign’s more than 20 videos ( spotlight “PHIT Kids” who have lost weight, improved classroom performance and reduced stress as a direct result of participating in PHIT America programs.

At the Palm Beach County level, this campaign will be used to highlight the compelling need to increase physical education for 25 schools and 10,000 children in the immediate area. To make this campaign even more exciting and impactful, a PHIT America supporter has agreed to match any funds* donated through through September 30, 2022.

PHIT America launched the “I’m a PHIT Kid” campaign to fight the “Inactivity Pandemic.” United States youth are ranked last in physical health according among 38 countries to UNICEF and ranked 47th out of 50 counties in fitness according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine. An estimated 75% of U.S. teens are not fit enough to join the military, and 90% of U.S. kids are not active to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) physical activity standards.

Jim Baugh, founder of PHIT America and Jupiter, Florida resident describes what PHIT America is doing. “Our nation’s ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ is having a devastating impact on the physical, intellectual and emotional health of our children. We have the power to change this, and I want to start right here at home,” says Baugh. “Seeing these kids in action is amazing. They are energized and in better health. The best way to get our kids off the couch and onto the playground is through the kinds of fun, engaging physical education programs featured in our PHIT Kids campaign.”

With the believe that “charity begins at home,” Baugh wanted to kick off this comprehensive national campaign in his own backyard – Palm Beach County. Allamanda and Forest Hill Elementary PE Teachers have already seen a difference.

“Wow! Our kids are so much happier and active,” says Gabriel Montanez, PE teacher at Forest Hill Elementary. “I definitely see a better focus in the classroom, too. They are alert and ready to learn.”

Sean Glynn, PE teacher at Allamanda Elementary adds, “I see kids that are losing weight and are basically happier. Kids need to move, and these programs help.”

Although this is a good start, Baugh says we cannot stop here. “Twenty-five other schools in Palm Beach County need our help.” I spoke to one PE Teacher who only sees groups of children once every five weeks. This leads to kids being unhealthy and not learning basics skills they can use for life! I hope Palm Beach County residents are inspired to help us help more kids”.

Baugh goes on to say, “Physical activity is the Miracle Drug, and PE Teachers have The Most Important Job in America. I challenge anyone to come up with a more important job.”

Those interested in the joining the PHIT Kids movement should contact Jim Baugh, president of PHIT America, at 561-529-2989, or To view the videos featured in the Palm Beach County Health Kids campaign, click here.

*Donations will be doubled for any individual donations up to $10,000

PHIT America is a 501c3 national public charity creating healthier, smarter, and happier children through new physical activity programs in schools. To date, PHIT has helped more than 1,300 schools nationwide inspire 700,000 children to become more active. PHIT America is led by former President of Wilson Sporting Goods, Jim Baugh. Jim is enshrined in the Sports Industry Hall of Fame and Tennis Industry Hall of Fame. For the last 12 years, Jim has dedicated his life helping kids throughout the United States achieve their full potential, starting with physical fitness.

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