Want to get kids moving? Or give Americans an incentive to be more fit? PHIT America donations will be directly used to promote our Vision and increase activity and fitness levels of children throughout America.

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A Movement for a FIT and Healthy America
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IMPACT OF THE INACTIVITY PANDEMIC Benefits of physical activity Benefits of physical education
of Children Are Not Active To Healthy Levels
of Americans are sedentary and that # is growing
of All High School Students have NO Physical Education
  • "Physical Activity is Miracle-Gro for the brain"

    John Ratey, MD, Harvard Medical School

  • "They perform better on academic tests following single bouts of exercise"

    Charles Hillman, Ph.D., University of Illinois

  • "They more vigorous the physical activity, the greater the cognitive benefits"

    Dr. Darla Castelli, University of Texas




The Issue

  • Our country is suffering from an INACTIVITY PANDEMIC
  • Inactivity is the 4th leading cause of death, ahead of being obese & overweight
  • 28% of Americans are totally sedentary…this % is growing each year
  • 2 of 3 children are not active to healthy standards
  • 80% of children are at risk for disease due to physical inactivity
  • Physical activity has been stripped from the school day
  • There is compelling research an active student performs better in school
  • This is the first generation which may not live as long as their parents
  • The Lancet, a leading medical journal on global health, has called physical inactivity "a pandemic with far-reaching health, economic, environmental and social consequences".

The Issue

Our Solutions

  • Supply PHIT America GO! Grants to school-based physical education and other activity programs to create more PHIT Kids - Healthier and Smarter
  • Have a year round education initiative using TV exposure, social media and public relations
  • Pass common sense 'Pro-Activity' legislation which will get America active and reduce healthcare costs
Jumping Kids

Our Vision

PHIT America is implementing ‘pro-activity’ programs to reverse the Inactivity Pandemic by getting millions of Americans, especially our children, to be more active, fit and healthy for life.

 Physical activity, exercise & sport is the pathway to building healthier & Stronger Bodies & Minds!

Healthy Family Running

Where Donations Go


Funds donated by individuals and Foundations are used to expand our GO! Grants programs for school-based programs. With every $50 donated, we can get one more child off the couch and active.


Donations from Corporate and Alliance Sponsors will support the PHIT America GO! Grants for school-based programs, expand our education programs, and support our day to day operations.

For more information on how donations from Americans will be used, click on the menu option, go to "How Your Donations Are Used" page here.

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Statistics and Charts


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PE=Less Sedentary

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"Sitting Is The New Smoking"

5.3 Million People Die From Physical Inactivity In America Versus 5.0 Million Who Die from Smoking

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