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A Movement for a FIT and Healthy America
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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2014 Keeps Rising
obesity impact icon benefits of physical activity icon benefits of pe icon
Impact of obesity and sedentary crisis Benefits of physical activity Benefits of physical education
of Americans are either overweight or obese
of Americans are sedentary and that # is growing
of All High Schools Students have NO Physical Education
  • "If we don't take this (obesity crisis) as a really serious priority, all of us individually and as a nation are going to pay a serious price."

    HBO: Weight of the Nation – Part 3, 2:00, May 2012
    ~Francis Collilns, MD, PHD, Director NIH

  • "Physical activity really is the wonder drug. If you have regular activity, you are less likely to have high blood pressure, to have cancer, to be depressed, to have an injury, or to have arthritis. You feel better about yourself and are more productive."

    HBO: Weight of the Nation, May 2012
    ~Thomas Frieden, MD, MPH, Director CDC

The Issue

  • Our country is suffering from an INACTIVITY PANDEMIC
  • 28% of Americans are sedentary…this % is growing each year
  • The number of Americans who work out frequently is even declining
  • The Lancet, a leading medical journal on global health, has called physical inactivity "a pandemic with far-reaching health, economic, environmental and social consequences".
  • 83% of Americans say "Obesity is the top US health concern"
  • 2/3rd of our country is either overweight or obese
  • There are virtually no US government programs which prevents the obesity crisis by getting kids and adults active
  • Obesity & Inactivity are driving up healthcare costs


Our Solutions

  • Promote, advocate and invest in a more programs and activities for a fit America to prevent illnesses and costs associated with the obesity and sedentary crisis.
  • Create A Movement for a Fit and Healthy America which includes:
    • Education - Publish and push articles to America
    • Support local school based programs which get kids and adults moving, more active, and healthier.
    • Pass 'pro-activity' US legislation that will enable more Americans to be active and healthier:
Jumping Kids

Our Vision

PHIT America is a national alliance of over 100 companies, organizations and sports celebrities finding ways to create a more fit, healthy America.

We are dedicated to support and expand physical activity based programs in communities and quality physical education programs in our schools.

We advocate for US Legislation which will result in active lifestyles to help prevent and overcome the obesity and sedentary crisis while reducing healthcare costs.

Our vision is quite simple – A less sedentary and obese America which will reduce healthcare costs while creating a more physically active society.

Healthy Family Running

Where Donations Go

Donations from Corporate and Alliance Sponsors will support the PHIT America infrastructure and educational and advocacy campaign.

Funds donated by Americans are used to help us accomplish our "Vision". The vast majority of funds will be used to support and promote programs in local communities and schools which will get kids more active, fit and healthy.

For more information on how donations from Americans will be used, click on the menu option,  "Kids in the Game", on our website.

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Statistics and Charts

Obesity in the USA

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PE=Less Sedentary

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Reduce Costs of Healthcare and BMII

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The Obesity Crisis and Inactivity Pandemic have hurt our ability to recruit firemen, police, military and labor.  This has also lead to increased recruitment costs as well.  photo-cop
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