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How to Protect Kids from COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic lingers on, it’s essential to understand how best to protect your children. Follow these recommendations to keep your kids COVID-safe.

Get vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated and vaccinating your children over 5 years old is the most effective way to guard against COVID-19. Vaccinations reduce the risk of getting coronavirus and lessen the severity of symptoms if you do contract the virus.

Practice social distancing.

Keep a safe distance from others when out in public. A distance of six feet lowers your risk of contracting coronavirus from infected people.

Wash hands well and often.

Make sure you and your child are washing your hands well and at frequent intervals. Be sure to consider common touchpoints, too. Regularly clean the most-touched surfaces in your home, and teach your child to avoid touching their face.

Follow common etiquette when sick.

Protect your family by following best hygiene practices when sick. Keep your kids out of school if they are experiencing symptoms, and teach them to cough or sneeze into their elbow.

Get Physically Active.

Strong immune systems will protect your kids against a host of ailments. Provide nutritious diets and ensure they get enough sleep to support their body’s immunity.

Physical activity is an important ingredient in children’s health, too! It acts as a miracle drug that builds immunity and reduces risk of illness—like COVID-19. In fact, a recent study found the moderate levels of activity can protect against severe COVID illness. Look out for the documentary “Inactivity Pandemic” coming Spring 2022, which focuses on solutions that will get children moving again.

At PHIT America Foundation, we believe that physical activity is a Miracle Drug for kids that can help to protect them from COVID-19. That’s why we think that physical education teachers have the most important job in America and that PE is a necessity in schools in order to build a healthier future for our children.

We aim to improve the physical and mental health of children all across the United States by providing kids with increased physical activity programs, like our AMPED programs; getting physical education back in schools; and helping children afford to play organized sports. Sign our petition for healthy kids, or visit our website to find out how you can get involved and bring an AMPED program to a school near you! You can also help us get kids active and healthy by donating to us today!

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