14 Apr

PHIT America Launches '50 Million Healthy Kids' Campaign with Online Petition

Washington, D.C. (April 21, 2020) – While America has screeched to a halt and is more sedentary than ever during the time of COVID-19, PHIT America is working on a long-term plan to create more active kids and future consumers for the sports & fitness industry with its 50 Million Healthy Kids plan.

The first step of the 50 Million Healthy Kids campaign is to get One Million American Signatures on a simple online petition in support of having Every Kid Getting At Least 30 Minutes of Physical Activity At Least 3 Times a Week In School. Petition.PHITAmerica.org.

“When we talk to Americans, very few are aware that almost 50% of schools have eliminated physical education programs. And, many don’t have recess.  In fact, they are shocked to hear this,” said PHIT America Founder, Jim Baugh. “Nearly every American will see the value of physical activity programs in schools and sign this petition. No matter what, we need to educate America on the inactivity issue that we face.”

PHIT America will utilize the One Million American Signatures on this petition in multiple ways as part of its 50 Million Healthy Kids plan. To start, it will send the results to school officials and eventually members of Congress. “And, when the long-term plan is rolled out, we are looking to pursue legislation, which will mandate Every Kid Getting At Least 30 Minutes of Physical Activity At Least 3 Times a Week In School,” said Baugh.

PHIT America is also hopeful the sports and fitness industry will sign this petition and circulate it to all of its contacts. “How can anyone argue against this?” said Baugh. “School physical activity programs are a huge influence on whether a kid is active…outside of school. Most important for the sports industry, we will create new participants and consumers in the sports industry.”

Want to help?  Just send a note or post on social media information about this campaign and link to Petition.PHITAmerica.org.  For questions or a customized petition to distribute to your own network, please contact Jim Baugh at Jim@PHITAmerica.org


About PHIT America

PHIT America is a non-profit focused on overcoming the ramifications of a sedentary lifestyle by funding physical activity programs, which will get Americans, especially children, more physically active, fit and healthy. According to Sports Marketing Surveys only seven percent of U.S. children meet the CDC physical activity standards. Donations to PHIT America subsidize the AMPED program, a before-school physical activity program, which inspires children to walk and run before school.  For underprivileged youth who want to play competitive sports, but lack financial assistance, The PASS program supports their entry fee to local recreational sports programs or provides the registration fees for their school’s sports team. These programs are necessary, because physical education classes have been cut or reduced in many schools. According to SHAPE America, 48 percent of all U.S. schools don’t have physical education classes. For more information on PHIT America, please visit: www.phitamerica.org


Kirsten Andresen

PHIT America