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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

Our #1 Program - 400,000+ Kids Active In The Past 3 Years! 

GO Grants LogoPHIT America GO! Grants have been awarded to over 700 schools getting children 5-12 years old physically active and healthier. GO! Grants help get children active for the first time or increase their physical activity & fitness level. Leading brands like ASICS, Saucony, New Balance, Life Fitness, Wilson, the USTA and many more are investing in the GO! Grants programs. Donations from individuals & companies allow us to expand our reach to more children in more schools the USA.

Our GO! Grant programs are implemented either before the school day, during or after school. We help schools because we can help all kids become more healthy through increased physical activity. This program is the ideal way to fight the 'Inactivity Pandemic' which is creating health & education issues for our children.


GO! Grants Get Kids Healthier Through Physical Activity

The Average Kid In Our GO! Grant Programs Doubles Their Physical Activity Level!

PHIT America Goes Where The Kids Are, in schools.  We get to all children to introduce them to a life of physical activity and fitness for better health.  This is why we go to schools where we capture all children...not just the ones who want to be active. 

In the past two years, PHIT America GO! Grants were awarded to over 700 schools in 48 states which jump-starts more physical activity and fitness for more than 400,000 children. Most importantly, children in GO! Grant programs are doubling their activity levels.  2017 research shows the average kid added over 85 minutes of physical activity per week. The school environments are also energized by the grants.

School 'Champions,' those who are managing our grants at the local schools, are leveraging our grant with other resources and donations from other community groups.  They are also insuring that the new physical activity programs are sustainable year after year.  Check out some of the quotes from our local school 'Champions' HERE.

PHIT America GO! Grants
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  • Physical Education Programs  
  • Pre-School Physical Activity Programs
  • Physical Activity Brain Breaks In Classrooms
  • After-School Physical Activity Program

Leading Go Grants logobrands from the sports and fitness industry and other major corporations have become major sponsors of PHIT America giving us the resources to support school-based physical activity programs with grants of $500 to $5,000 serving 5-12 year old children. These GO! Grant programs introduce a child to a life of activity and fitness. When individuals donate to PHIT America, this just increases the number of children we can introduce a life of activity and fitness to.  We can get a child off the couch and get them active for less than $50 per child through our GO! Grant Programs. - See more at: http://www.phitamerica.org/Kids_in_the_Game.htm#sthash.OjM1P4o7.dpuf

Our GO! Grants range from $500 to $5,000 serving 5-12 year old children. These programs introduce a child to a life of physical activity and fitness.

PHIT America GO! Grant Programs 'Fit' The Needs Of The Local School 

We have over 15 programs we implement. Why so many your may ask? We want to satisfy the needs of the local school and the person who is implementing the physical activity program. This local person, our local 'Champion', is why our programs are so strong. Great programs with outstanding local 'Champions' are a winning formula.

CLICK HERE to view a few of the PHIT America GO! Grant programs we implement in schools.                                                                                            

Schools in America Have No $'s For Physical Education - Our Kids Are Being Hurt

At the moment, 80% of all elementary schools have an annual budget for P.E. of less than $1,000. Right now, 10 million children in the USA are totally inactive or 'couch potatoes.'  And 80% of children are at high risk of disease because they aren't physically active. Children need your help. Schools need more financial support to get their students physically active. PHIT America GO! Grants help children become more active, fit and healthy.

Our GO! Grants: 8 Steps Implementation Process

PHIT America is using an eight-step process designed and implemented by our partner company, KIDS in the GAME. You can learn about KIDS in the GAME below.

Thorough, accountable, creative, entrepreneurial and brand conscious are just a few words that describe the reason PHIT America has chosen KIDS in the GAME as our partner.  Here is the eight-step process we use to make sure your investment is a great investment. checklist

  1. Grant Application Submission including Needs, Goals, Plans, etc.
  2. Verification & Approval of Applicant / Recipient
  3. Needs Assessment – Staff, Program, Budget
  4. Approval of Grant
  5. Distribution of Grant
  6. Certification Documenting Use of Funds
  7. Impact Reporting Demonstrating Results
  8. Marketing Communications – Sharing Our Positive Results

KIDS in the GAME - Managing The GO! Grant Process - Getting Results

Apply For a Go Grant

Rather than PHIT America establish and fund an infrastructure to manage and implement these grants, we work

hand in hand with KIDS In the GAME, a three-year partner which shares our mission and has tremendous experience in implementing grassroots grants.

KIDS in the GAME prides itself into giving 'every kid a chance to play.' The On the go 2 photosKIDS in the GAME staff realizes 'Play' is missing for many children throughout the world. They also have years of experience vetting, monitoring and managing program grants to get the most amount of physical activity for every child. 

KIDS in the GAME has also come up with a great way to screen programs and monitor success.  Please donate now!

If you would like to learn more about KIDS in the GAME, click here.

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