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Fitness Professionals & Trainers

Listed below are fitness trainers and professionals who are PHIT America Ambassadors. We thank all our Ambassadors for their help and support! If you are interested in joining our Alliance, click on the Ambassador Overview document in the right column.

Jeff Angus, ACE Fitness Professional, MBA Candidate 

Scott Anspach, MEd & Chief Exercise Officer, Active Bodez

Jackie Arcana, Owner of XCELL PG- Multisport Training & Coaching

Lauren Ashby, Personal Trainer, Coach, Nutrition Counselor

Association of Fitness Studios

Lenore Fusciello Baker, Founder & Instructor-Grace Studios

Kurt Billups, Founder and CEO - YEP! Fitness, Cincinnati, Ohio

Leann Boggs, ISSA, Cert. Fitness Trainer in Senior Fitness

Melissa Boguslawski, MPH, Health & Wellness Co-Director

Terri Bolton, Holistic Health Coach, Juice Plus+


Danielle Bowes, Personal Trainer & BS in Exercise Science

Nicole Cardoza, Founder of Yoga Foster, NY.

Dayre Carpenter, Focus Fitness LLC, Oregon, Ohio

Sage Croft, National Mixed Martial Arts Champion

Venessa D'Angelo, Owner, Liv Wellness

Nicky Dabrosca, Owner, TKO Fitness

Kelli Davis, IDEAFIT Trainer

Rae Anne, Deakins, ACE Fitness Professional

John DeLucchi, PT, DPT, CSCS, TPI-CGFI

Leanne Dow, CSCS, Kinesiology, BS Group Fitness Instr.

Kelly Doyle, MS, CSCS, CES, Personal Trainer

Donna Fatigato, Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Christine Foltz, Founder, Wham It!, Florida

Howard Fulfrost, Modo Yoga Las Vegas

Tracy Handt, Pivotal 5

Nicole Heath, Fat at the Finish

Mina Izad, SoulBody Yoga Studio, Moorpark, CA

Katie Kestle, Les Mills BODYPUMP, Cert. Fitness Instr.

Jeremy Kring, MS, CPT, CSS, Jumping J.A.C.'s

Joe Lobeck, Entrepreneur - Fitness Professional, NinFit, Salid, CO

Wendy Mader, MS, USAT, ACE,TRX, Insanity

Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., ACE Senior Fitness Consultant

Kristin Martin, NASM, Burdfuud Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

MediFit Network

Libby McAvoy, Yoga Fit Boutique Training & Wellness Center, Cincinnati, OH

Shaun McKay, PersonalTrainerEdu

Lukasz Monka, Fitness Instructor, Admirals Cove

Felisia Newby, CPT, Group Instructor, Lifestyle Fitness

Bobby Newman, Ph.D, BCBA-D

Deborah Pagán, MS, Race Director

Maquita Parker, B.S. Exercise Science & ACT Personal Trainer

Elizabeth Paunicka DC, MS, ATC Chiropractic Physician

Alejandra Regan, Founder of CityTri Racing 

George Reagan,  Owner & Race Director at CityTri Racing

Elliot Rivera, CEO of HealtHaven.com

Lisa Ronco RD, Group/Personal Trainer, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Ashley Ross, Campus Recreation & Fitness Coordinator

Brant Rotramel, Gym Firebrand

Julio Salado, NSCA-C.P.T. USAW Performance Coach & Trainer

Gordon Sambridge, The College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy

Melanie Schneider, ACE & Z-Health Trainer, Pain Relief Specialist

Jonas Serrano, CEO, Phyt NYC

Gary Shorter, GoXercise

Sam Skidmore, Personal Trainer, Finksburg MD.

Natalie Smith, Training Program Coordinator, Fleet Feet Sports 

Tim Solberg, 3rd Degree Black Belt & Martial Arts Instructor

Erin Statmore, BOKWA Education Specialist Trainer (B.E.S.T)

Suzanne Stringer, MD State Advisory Council on Physical Fitness

Rebecca Tolkoff, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Brookline, MA

Deborah Torranoe, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Marcelo Vasquez, Spin-Fit, ACSM

Ryan True, Personal Trainer, ACE Fitness Specialist, Kinesiology

Julian Varela, MS-CSCS, Compass Health Wellness Dir.

Ted Vickey, Founder & CEO at FitWell

Monte Ward, ACSM Member

Langston Ware, Warehouse Training VA, B.S.,M.A.T.

Sophia Z. Wastler, MS. Ed., Starz Program

Janet K. Zatto, JZTrainedme Fitness, Bartlett, IL

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