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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

PHIT America & The PHIT Act – Great For You & Your Customers!

Tennis Professionals, Facilities, Clubs & Retailers – Join Our ‘Movement’

PHIT America is proud of what we are doing for Americans, especially children, to improve their fitness and health by overcoming the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’. We are accomplishing some amazing things, especially with children. We are getting more and more Americans to be active, fit & healthy through our four strategic priorities:

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  1. Get 1 million children 'off the couch' & active through GO! Grants for school-based programs
  2. Educating Americans about the 'Inactivity Pandemic', its ramifications & our programs
  3. Pass 'common sense' pro-activity legislation to get America active, fit & healthy
  4. Get everyone to 'work together' to fight the 'Inactivity Pandemic' & join our 'Movement'.

Schools are where the 'Inactivity Pandemic' was born over 20 years ago. Physical education has been taken out of many schools and the average school budget for PE today is only $764 per year for an entire school.  This trend greatly reduces the number of kids who play tennis. Kids who have PE in school are 3-4 times more likely to play tennis than kids who don't have PE. This is one of the major reasons we are supporting & rebuilding PE programs throughout America.

Education is a must as well. We are using all potential resources to educate Americans, especially parents, and give them ideas on how to create a more active lifestyle for their family. Our 30-minute documentary, News Articles and more are educating Americans. You can learn about all our key strategies in detail HERE.

For the tennis industry, one of the most powerful things we are doing is passing the PHIT Act. Learn more about this ground breaking legislation below...

The PHIT Act - Reducing The Cost To Play Tennis & Become Active, Fit & Healthy

The PHIT Act will be great for Americans and outstanding for tennis pros, facilities and the industry. When passed, it will allow Americans to use their own pre-tax medical accounts for physical activity expenses and not just normal 'sick-care' expenses.

More specifically, tennis players will be able to use their HSA or FSA accounts to get active, fit & healthy for:

  • Tennis Lessons & Campstennis collage
  • Joining A Tennis Club
  • Purchasing Tennis Equipment
  • 10 & Under Tennis & Other Youth Programs
  • Cardio Tennis
  • USTA & Other Leagues

Think about all the ways you can influence someone to get active & fit and increase your business when the PHIT Act is passed. We need your help to pass the PHIT Act and there are simple ways for you to do this below.

How Can You Help And Join The PHIT America 'Movement'?

Here are 8 ways you can help:pass the phit act

1. Help pass the PHIT Act - For you, your staff and contacts, have them go to PassThePHITAct.org to contact their members of Congress to pass the PHIT Act NOW! It is a simple 1, 2, 3 digital process.PHIT KIDS Charity Events logo

2. Run PHIT America Charity Events - PHIT America is a 501c3 corporation. Support us and we will work to get America and your industry healthier. Run a PHIT KIDS Charity Event. It is easy. More information HERE.  You can also run a fundraiser as well. Contact Gretchen at the Tennis Industry Association to learn more.

Amazon Smile logo3. Do you use Amazon? Just use Smile.Amazon.com instead -  Amazon will donate 1/2 of 1% of all your purchases to PHIT America. Yes, they will donate to PHIT America and it won't cost you one single penny extra. Just designate PHIT America as your charity and use Smile.Amazon.com when you shop. Learn more how to do this HERE.

sponsor ambassador4. Become a PHIT America Sponsor or Ambassador - If you run a business and want to be an official sponsor, it is easy. Learn more HERE. Are you a 'local influencer'? Then become a PHIT America Ambassador. There is no financial obligation and you get all the benefits. Plus, you are listed on our website. Learn more HERE.

Donate Credit Card5. Ask your customers to support PHIT America - When your customers sign up for a program or you sell a product, ask them to donate to PHIT America. Active people will support a charity which is getting children more active, fit & healthy. Contact Jim Baugh for more information on this program.

6. Make a simple donation - For just $50, we will get a child 'off the couch' and active in our school-based programs. You can donate any amount HERE.

7. Adopt a local school - Help promote physical activity and physical education in a school near you. Volunteer to occasionally teach a physical education class about tennis. Then, start up a family (child /parent) tennis class at your facility.

8. Use all our tools - Many people or companies don't use all the resources we provide. Just go to Tools.PHITAmerica.org and you will see website banners, logos, press release templates, etc.

Please note that at least 80% of donations or funds raised above will be used to expand our PHIT America GO! Grants programs. We are dedicated to reaching our goal of getting 1 million children 'off the couch' and active by 2020.

Benefits Of Supporting PHIT America

  1. You are joining a 'Movement' to get America more active, fit and healthy. We can overcome the 'Inactivity Pandemic' by working together!
  2. You are helping us create more tennis players. Kids who have PE are 3-4 times more likely to play tennis than kids who don't have PE. Our GO! Grants put PE back in schools.
  3. You receive PHIT America News Articles, research, and other outstanding content for you to use.
  4. You are supporting our year round education of Americans on the 'Inactivity Pandemic,' its ramifications and our solutions.Staples Logo
  5. When you become a PHIT Kids Charity location, you get free posters and National Account pricing from Staples year round. This is major savings.
  6. You are helping to pass the PHIT Act which will help America get healthy...and your business, too.
  7. If you become a PHIT America Sponsor or Ambassador, you are listed on our website. See Sponsors HERE,  Ambassadors HERE.
  8. You get to use PHIT America logos and other tools - Check out some of the great resources HERE. Let your customers know you are supporting a great national charity, PHIT America!