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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising
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The PHIT World Foundation, Inc., better known as PHIT World, is a cause and worldwide campaign to get more people, especially children, active, fit and healthy.  PHIT World Foundation, Inc. is a Florida public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue PHIT World logoCode.   Deductible charitable donations can be made to PHIT World Foundation, Inc.

PHIT World focuses on overcoming the 'Inactivity Pandemic' with real, common-sense solutions including education, grassroots school-based programming, and giving parents tools to get their children more active and moving. PHIT World is a "Movement To Be Active, Fit and Healthy."  It is a movement to get people and companies to work together to get people moving.

While the name PHIT sounds like FIT, it also has another meaning. PHIT stands for Personal Health Investment Today. We feel we must invest in fitness and sports activities to improve the health of people around the world.

PHIT World Key Strategies & Focuses

PHIT World is creating a Movement To Be Active, Fit & Healthy, focusing on three major strategies:

  1. Education - We are constantly educating people and companies about the issues and compelling them to be active, fit, and play more sports for better health. We use a variety of communication and education vehicles: informative website and social media campaign, publishing timely news articles, and communicating through a new app, public relations and a 30-minute documentary on the 'Inactivity Pandemic' and our solutions.
  2. Grassroots Programming - This is where the majority of our support and financial resources are focused. We promote and support grassroots and school-based programs which will get children more active, fit and healthy. In the USA, we have our PHIT America On The GO! programs which were launched with the support of the Sports & Fitness Industry Association in 2015. Worldwide, with the support of major sponsors, we plan to spread the power of physical activity through the use of a revolutionary activity program, Brain Breaks.  Our programs are implemented... Where The Kids Are...in classrooms, physical education classes, and homes.
  3. Working Together - Our PHIT World Alliance brings together companies, individuals, doctors and experts from many arenas to fight the 'Inactivity Pandemic.'  The 'Inactivity Pandemic' is "rooted" in many parts of our lives. We need to work together to combat physical inactivity and obesity. There are many ways for companies or individuals to be involved. This can be as simple as a fan club member, a donor or potentially a sponsor.

Our Target - Overcoming The 'Inactivity Pandemic'

The 'Inactivity Pandemic' is deadly. In fact, the World Health Organization lists physical inactivity as the 4th major cause of death, even ahead of obesity. You can learn about the 'Inactivity Pandemic' here.  Please visit our "Roots" of Inactivity web page (here) which describes the reasons and complexity of this issue. You will also notice how PHIT World is focused on four of the "root" causes with our strategies and programs.

To learn more about PHIT World, go to PHITWorld.org.

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