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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising


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PHIT KIDS are children who used to be inactive or sedentary but are now active at least 3 times a week or to 'Healthy Standards'. Learn more about these standards and PHIT KIDS HERE.

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 Join many others who are in the martial arts industry in supporting PHIT America. Over 100 companies are proud sponsors of PHIT America. You can see the full list here.

PHIT KIDS Charity Events are local martial arts events who are giving a portion of their events proceeds to PHIT America. PHIT America is using these funds to expand our programs and education to create more PHIT KIDS who are healthier and achieve higher academic performance. Smart Kids Move New

One of PHIT America's partner organizations is SMART KIDS MOVES. They are perfectly aligned with our mission and have been designated manager of our PHIT KIDS Charity Events for the martial arts industry. If you are interested in hosting a PHIT KID Charity Event in martial arts, contact Smart Kids Move.

To learn more about PHIT America, the 'Inactivity Pandemic', it's ramifications on children, PHIT KIDS and what PHIT America is doing to solve these issues, see the listings in the right corner of this web page or check out our website. 

10 PHIT KIDS Charity Event Benefits

  1. Free personalized PHIT KIDS Charity Event Posters (see below)
  2. Other posters from PHIT America and the Smart Kids Move
  3. PHIT KIDS Charity Event flyer templates
  4. Use of the PHIT America Events Logo (see below)
  5. News Articles every two weeks from PHIT America
  6. Use of content on
  7. Press release from the Smart Kids Move
  8. Staples national account pricing - Year Round!
  9. Listing of your event on
  10. You are supporting PHIT America, a national charity (501c3), who is creating more PHIT KIDS who are healthier and have higher academic performance

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5 PHIT KIDS Charity Event Commitments

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  1. Make a financial commitment each year to give a portion of your charity events proceeds to PHIT America - Please contact Smart Kids Move for more information
  2. Use and promote the PHIT America Charity Event posters
  3. Use and promote PHIT America Events logo
  4. Promote PHIT America and our News Articles to your members
  5. Be a proponent of PHIT America and our PHIT Kids initiatives


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