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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

PHIT America Programs That Work!

Helping Us Create 10,000,000 PHIT KIDS By 2025

PHIT America is dedicated to getting 10 millions children active and off the couch by 2025.  By doing this, we can make a major dent in the 'Inactivity Pandemic'.  We have four programs we recommend which help create PHIT KIDS, two which are free. Please click on the logos of each program to learn more.

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Our premier program, PHIT America GO! Grants, is where the majority of our focus and funds are dedicated. We jump-started more movement in over 100,000 kids in nearly 300 program throughout the USA in the past two years. You will see this program grow every year.

Our PHIT America PHIT KIDS Charity Events raise money through local event sponsorship, which enables us to support more GO! Grants.

Brain Breaks is a program from one of our partners which gets kids active in school-based programs too. We are proud to offer the Basic Brain Breaks program free to schools throughout the USA. 

And finally, our Mayors Fitness Challenge is a free 10-week program for mayors and communities to implement to jump-start activity in communities throughout America.

See Why Our Physical Activity Programs Will Help Children Improve On Their Academic Performance - Click HERE

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