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Is Your Child Captivated By Electronic Devices? PHITPact PLAYTIME App Is Your AnswerOur Pact Logo

PHIT America is working with the leading company producing apps for solutions for the modern family, OurPact, to come up with a new app, the PHITPact PLAYTIME App. 

PHITPact PLAYTIME is a totally FREE app we are giving to parents which allows parents to DISCONNECT their children from using electronic devices and their favorite apps (twitter, Facebook, etc.) and gives parents ways to RECONNECT their children to a life of activity and healthy living. Check out all the reasons why kids need PLAYTIME here. 

Learn about OurPact and their fine line of products here.

PLAYTIME - Multiple Ways To Control Electronic Time

OurPact and PHIT America have developed many ways parents can increase PLAY or activity time and control the amount of time their children are using electronic devices by using the PHITPact PLAYTIME app. Free 2

  1. Block Times Each Day For 'PLAYTIME' - We recommend 2 hours per day perhaps from 4-6 PM
  2. Set Activity Levels For Each Day - Using the activity or step counter, set goals for your children to be moving
  3. Monitor Electronic Time - Parents can see how much time their children are actually using electronic devices or their favorite apps.

Note: Even when the phone is locked, a child can still send or receive phone calls and other standard services.

PLAYTIME Gives You Many Ways to Reconnect Your Children To Active, Healthy Living

We have also created multiple way get your children moving, active and healthy:

  1. Set their devices so the only their device is 'open' is by achieving activity levels you set
  2. Receive weekly PLAYTIME ideas for children or family fitness ideas
  3. In the future, PHIT America and Sponsors will provide coupons which gives you discounts to products

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