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 Physical Education In Schools - Nothing Is More Important

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Can you name a school class or curriculum which can improve children's health and self-esteem, build strong interpersonal skills, and actually help improve a child's academic performance? It is quality physical education.

But did you know that 48% of schools have no P.E.?

Physical education has often been overlooked for years despite the tremendous values it offers to children. And, these physical and mental life lessons are able to be used forever. Learn below all the benefits of P.E., especially as they relate to producing a healthier brain.


PE In School - 'The Solution'

Do you want a solution to our healthcare crisis and to the fact that 80% of children are at risk of disease due to physical inactivity? Do you want to help our children achieve higher academic results?

The solution is physical education in schools. It is overlooked and, many times, not respected for the benefits it provides children for the rest of their lives. In fact, since 2001, many schools have removed P.E. from the list of classes offered and eliminated recess to increase 'learning time.'  But, guess what? Our schools are not competitive with schools in other countries. Look at the bottom of this web page for facts on our educational ranking versus other developed countries.

The recent 'sit and learn' approach is not working. People need to move, not just for their physical fitness, but for what physical activity does for the brain, as well.  Learn more HERE.

PHIT America feels schools which have limited P.E. should strive to offer every child P.E. at least 3 times per week. This will get every child on the road to being a PHIT KID, who will be healthier and smarter.


 Physical Education Benefits Are Broad & Powerful!  

Physical education prepares children to be physically and mentally active, fit and healthy...for life.  Here are some of the many benefits children receive from a quality P.E. program:

  • Improved physical fitness
  • Skill and motor skills development
  • Provides regular, healthful physical activity
  • Teaches self discipline
  • Facilitates development of student responsibility for health and fitness
  • Influences moral development, leadership, and cooperation with others
  • Stress reduction – an outlet for releasing tension and anxiety
  • Strengthens peer relationships
  • Improves self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Respect:  P.E. helps you respect your body, classmates and teammates
  • Experience in setting goals
  • Improved academics -- The big bonus benefit!

Benfits of PE

Physical Education - Improves Academic Results

This is a big bonus. There is now conclusive research that physical activity and fitness improve a child's ability to learn. In fact, in independent studies, kids who are active do dramatically better in school. Learn more HERE.

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Kids in P.E. Are Much More Active OUTSIDE Of School

Physical education is the grassroots program for all activity in America. Just look at this chart on what kids do outside of school, separated into when they have PE and when they do not.  Source: Physical Activity Councilpe 2016

Adults With No P.E. Are Twice As Likely To Be Sedentary


What about adults? Does physical activity have a carry over benefit as you get older? YES! According to Physical Activity Council research, adults who did not have P.E. in school are twice as likely to be totally inactive today.  Think about it. If you learn to read when you are child, you will read as an adult. If you learn to run, throw, catch and move with confidence as a child, it is much more likely that you will do some of these things as an adult.

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P.E. = Fun Fitness!

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P.E. With Heart Rate Monitors = Personalized Fitness

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