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"AT RISK" Youth Find Solution - THREE Hours of Sports Curriculum EVERY School DAY

"AT RISK" Youth Find Solution - THREE Hours of Sports Curriculum EVERY School DAY

SILVER SPRING, MD – Linking physical activity and team sports with academic instruction creates a successful, educated student.  CBS just exposed how this approach is working right now in a borough of the ‘Big Apple.’  Congratulations to the leadership of the Urban Dove Team Charter School in Brooklyn, New YorkCBS Logo for understanding the value of linking physical activity with learning in the classroom.  This school, now entering its second year of existence, begins every school day with three hours of sports and physical activity for every student.  Yes, three hours of exercise at the beginning of every school day!  The activities range from a strong emphasis on team sports to jumping rope to kickball to riding a stationary bike to weightlifting to yoga.

Take a look at this great video from CBS.


Jai Nanda, the founder of Urban Dove, was the focal point of a recent story broadcast on CBS News which highlighted Urban Dove’s unique approach to learning.  According to Nanda, what makes this school’s story so special is that the students come from at-risk backgrounds and more than 90% of them live below the poverty level.  Many of the students were not succeeding at their prior schools.  Many of them were skipping school and cutting class.  That behavior doesn’t happen at Urban Dove. 

“We need to recognize that a full education requires that kids are active,” said Nanda to CBS News. 

What do students think about a day that begins with physical activity?  One student said “it’s fun” and another said that she is “ready for class” after exercise.  

“Urban Dove Team Charter School is a ‘poster child’ for the mission PHIT America,” said PHIT America Founder Jim Baugh.  “This school is reversing inactivity, focusing on team activities, reducing the likelihood of Type 2 diabetes impacting its students, and is educating its students.  It’s clear that physical activity and sports are the focal point of education at Urban Dove.  That’s impressive indeed.  Other schools should follow suit.”   

To access the CBS article on Urban Dove Charter School, click here.  

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