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Gordon's 2,678 Mile Fundraising Journey Is The First PHIT KIDS Charity Event

Los Angeles, California – January 18, 2016 – Later this month, sports industry executive and veteran Doug Gordon will be leaving Speedo USA to pursue future opportunities in the sporting goods and fitness industry.  Before, starting this new chapter in his professional career, Gordon is going to take a solo bicycle ride across the U.S. to raise awareness and money for PHIT America (RideDougRide.orgdoug ride 3

“I thought it was time to really give back to this great industry,” said Gordon.  “While I will still be working again in the sporting goods and fitness industry very soon, I decided it was a great time to do something I believe in very much:  getting America, especially kids, more active and healthy.  Riding my bike across America to benefit PHIT America is the perfect way to do this.”

On Monday, February 15, Doug is going to begin his journey in Charleston, South Carolina and will make his 60-day trip across the USA – from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.  He will arrive in Southern California around April 15. Now and throughout his ride, Doug will challenge his friends and corporate colleagues in the sports industry to support his trip by making a donation to PHIT America, a national charity dedicated to getting children active and healthier. PHIT America will be posting updates on a new web page, RideDougRide.org.  fitRaise, a company which specializes in riding and racing fundraising events, is enabling people to ride along side Doug virtually and collect their own donations for PHIT America through the company's web and mobile platform.

“I am super psyched for this experience. I hope everyone in this industry can join me by supporting this ride and support this great industry.  After learning of the national decline of youth sports and physical activity, combined with fewer schools having physical education, I knew I had to do something to raise public awareness of this issue. And, PHIT America is the perfect charity to support,” said Gordon. “Go to RideDougRide.org to help or even start your own event to support PHIT America. Jim Baugh, Founder of PHIT America, says funds received will be used to get more kids active, including expanding PHIT America’s GO! Grants program.”

“You have to love Doug Gordon,” said Jim Baugh. “I have worked with Doug for more than 10 years at National Health Through Fitness Day in Washington, DC and he has always focused on the ‘big picture.’ He knows we have to get more people physically active and moving to make sure our industry grows. And, he knows that by doing this, we will make America a healthier place, too.”

Individuals or companies interested in supporting Doug’s ride should go to RideDougRide.org for more information.

Donations to support Doug’s Ride Across America are given to PHIT America. PHIT America will use these funds to fuel more PHIT America GO! Grants that get kids active through school based programs. “With these grants, we can create more PHIT KIDS, who are more active and healthier, ” said BaughPHIT KIDS Charity Events logo

Doug’s ride is the first of a new series of charity events, PHIT KIDS Charity Events, where sports coaches, teaching pros and other sports or fitness professionals support PHIT America as their charity of choice for their events. “Doug is leading the way for our PHIT KIDS Charity Events. The Tennis Industry Association will be promoting PHIT KIDS Charity Events in the tennis industry and a new organization, Smart Kids Move, will be doing the same in Martial Arts industry,” said Baugh. “We are talking to other organizations about spearheading the same efforts in other segments of the sports & fitness industry. Interested organizations or venues should contact Mike May at PHIT America.”

Doug Gordon’s history in sports and fitness started out as he walked onto the Indiana University football team in 1972, which in turn, helped him get a college scholarship and, ultimately, secure a rewarding career in the sporting goods industry with a number of brands. Doug has worked at Speedo since 2001.

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