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PHIT America’s Vision Inspires New England Fitness Day

PHIT America’s Vision Inspires New England Fitness Day

"We stand united with PHIT America and its goal to reverse the ‘Inactivity Pandemic."

SILVER SPRING, MD – August 23, 2016 – As we look back on the Olympic Games in Rio, it’s encouraging to know that children in a small New England community are learning about the fun of playing sports and the importance of a physically active lifestyle.  And, the local organizers say that PHIT America is what inspired them to share this passion for sports with local children.

“We are inspired by the work and vision of PHIT America,” says Adam Molda, director of tennis at the Cedardale Health & Fitness Center (Haverhill, Massachusetts), which conducted a Family Fit Day in Haverhill earlier this summer. “We believe in what PHIT America is doing and are committed to ending the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ in our community.  We stand united with PHIT America and its goal to reverse the ‘Inactivity Pandemic.’  If we can do it in Haverhill, it can be done anywhere in America.”

“We at PHIT America applaud the local leadership at the Cedardale Health & Fitness Center for understanding the magnitude of the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ and doing something about it,” says Colleen Courtney, Manager of Sponsor Relations, Research, & Social Media, PHIT America.  “The impact of events like this on a community’s attitude and approach to physically active lifestyles is very positive.”

The Family Fit Day attracted 150 local children, where the youngsters swam, played tennis, basketball, dodgeball, racquetball, yoga, Zumba, and leaned about nutrition.  There was free admission to Family Fit Day.

“We opened up our club for one day to the general public and the response was great,” adds Molda.  “We are now looking to share our passion for sports and physical activity with the rest of our community, with local schools, and with the local business leaders.  We’d like to do some corporate fitness challenges.”

To help promote awareness and interest in Family Fit Day, the club used a Youtube video to help spread the word.  Based on the strong local attendance, the Youtube video worked.

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