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Morning Fitness Generates Academic Success

Morning Fitness Generates Academic Success

"Does This Mean Executives Who Work Out In The Morning Are More Productive?"

SILVER SPRING, MD – October 4, 2016 – The Academy for Enriched Sciences in the San Fernando Valley in southern California lives by this motto:  “Moving together every morning for healthier minds, bodies, and attitudes.”  It’s an approach to education which works and has been brought to the school by Apryl Krakovsky, the founder of My School in Motion. 

The Academy for Enriched Sciences is one of many schools around the U.S. which is now getting its students physically active before school begins.  As a result, the children are learning more once they enter the classroom.  It’s fair to say that a little bit of sweat can go a long way.  It’s worth noting that Krakovsky’s program is now being implemented in more than 30 U.S. schools and it’s impacting the lives of at least 11,000 students

This approach to supporting learning with morning physical activity was highlighted in a recent story in The Wall Street Journal, which revealed the students are staying on task in the classroom after having a gym class or a fitness session first thing in the morning.

A study reported in Preventative Medicine Reports has concluded that students’ attention span and focus are enhanced when they begin their school day with exercise or a group physical fitness activity, as is being done at the Academy for Enriched Sciences.  According to the story in The Wall Street Journal, the “on-task behaviors” and “executive function” of students in the classroom are greatly enhanced after beginning their day at school with physical activity, especially if it’s high-intensity exercise.

Besides the all-important academic benefits generated by morning physical activity, children are now realizing the benefits and fun of being physically active.  naperville

“I have hundreds of emails from parents telling me of the positive impact the morning program has had on their kids’ attitudes toward sports and exercise,” says Krakovsky.

Another similar study performed at Arizona State University has revealed that the biggest academic improvements for students who are physically active is noticed during the first 45 minutes after the exercise experience.

It’s clear that students are ready to learn after morning exercise.  The results of an another study conducted with students in Naperville, Illinois has revealed how math and reading test scores are better after a P.E. class.

The positive connection between physical education and academic achievement is one of the big reasons why PHIT America has started its GO! Grants program, which is a series of grants to elementary school P.E. programs with the goal of getting a fitter, healthier, and smarter America.

“A number of studies indicate that one of the most important classes in school is physical education because of the powerful academic benefits,” says Jim Baugh, Founder of PHIT America.  “Sadly, 48 percent of U.S. schools have no P.E. classes for their students.  That trend must be reversed.”

Does this mean executives who work out in the AM are more productive?

“What good for kids has to be good for adults, too,” said Baugh “Getting active in the morning wakes of the brain and gets the brain ready to learn, be productive and improves concentration.”