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SILVER SPRING, MD – March 8, 2016 – A number of sports superstars, Olympic medalists, and sports hall of famers are coming to Capitol Hill next week to help PHIT America and the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) fight the issue of physical inactivity and to help ‘Get America Moving.’  On Wednesday, March 16, this delegation of well-known athletes will be joined on Capitol Hill by fitness/sporting goods manufacturers and retailers, fitness & medical professionals, and association leaders during National Health Through Fitness Day, presented by SFIA and PHIT America.  The primary goal will be to support legislation to increase physical activity in America, specifically the PHIT (Personal Health Investment Today) Act.

This delegation from the sports & fitness industry will meet directly with U.S. Senators and Congressmen/women to deliver the message and ask them to pass the PHIT Act, which will help lower the cost of active lifestyles. 

2016 celebs

The PHIT Act will encourage improved health through increased physical activity for all Americans by making it more affordable to play sports and engage in physical fitness and recreation activities -- through the use of Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, Medical Savings Accounts, and other medical reimbursement arrangements.


The list of sports celebrities visiting Capitol Hill on National Health Through Fitness Day, who will help deliver the pro-physical activity message, includes former Heisman Trophy winner/former NFL All-Pro/ex-U.S. Winter Olympian Herschel Walker; 9-time U.S. Olympic track & field gold medalist Carl Lewis; 7-time NHL All-Star/3-time NHL MVP Alex Ovechkin (Capitals); 1974 National League MVP/10-time MLB All-Star Steve Garvey (Dodgers and Padres); MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage; 4-time U.S. Olympic swimming medalist Summer Sanders; NHL Hall of Famer Pat LaFontaine; 3-time NBA champion Bruce Bowen (Spurs); PGA Tour professional Matt Bettencourt; current NFL nose tackle Brandon Williams (Ravens); USA Weightlifting’s Cara Heads-Slaughter; former boxing champ & celebrity trainer Danny Musico; former NFL cornerback (Cowboys) & collegiate All-American Shawn Springs; 3-time U.S. volleyball Olympian/2-time Olympic silver medalist Tayyiba Haneef-Park; former 4-time NFL All Pro linebacker (Redskins) Ken Harvey; and former NFL defensive back (Eagles, Giants, Jets, Cardinals, & Buccaneers) John Booty.

“There’s an overwhelming need for all Americans to embrace healthy, active lifestyles and the PHIT Act can help make that possible,” says PHIT America Founder Jim Baugh.  “I invite anybody to join the lobby day effort from your office by accessing www.PassThePHITAct.org.”

Football legend Herschel Walker will be spending time on Capitol Hill because of his personal commitment to promoting physical activity to reverse the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ in America.

“I am looking forward to sharing the news with members of Congress about the importance of getting the PHIT Act passed.  It is common-sense legislation,” says Walker.  “The PHIT Act will provide a financial incentive for families to get active and stay active.  The PHIT Act can play a big role in reversing the ‘Inactivity Pandemic,’ which currently impacts 83 million people.”


Specifically, the PHIT Act would change current federal tax law to allow for the deduction or use of pre-tax dollars to cover expenses related to sports, fitness and other physical activities. Americans could invest up to $2,000 annually to reimburse physical activity costs using PHIT-designated contributions to existing pre-tax Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Medical Savings Accounts (MSA), and other medical reimbursement arrangements.  The PHIT Act would only expand the eligible expenses to include physical activity as a form of prevention.  It would not increase contribution limits to these accounts.

“It’s imperative that Congress understands the adverse impact of sedentary living and appreciate the positive economic outcomes of healthier, more active lifestyles,” says Bill Sells, SFIA’s Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs.  “Too many people in the U.S. are inactive and, as a result, are unhealthy.” 

“Participation in our National Health Through Fitness Day activities is a win-win for all those affected by the legislation,” states Tom Cove, SFIA’s President/CEO.  “You get the chance to meet face-to-face with members of Congress to ask for their support of legislation to prevent illness through increased physical activity.  The PHIT Act will encourage physically active lifestyles by making sports, fitness and recreational activities more affordable.”


While waiting for Congress to get behind the PHIT Act, there’s an easy-to-use tool for the general public to use so they can ‘voice’ their support for the PHIT Act.  Click here to send an electronic letter directly to your local member of Congress and your state’s two U.S. Senators to encourage them to support the PHIT Act. Americans who advocate on PHITAmerica.org will help support what takes place on National Health Through Fitness Day.

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