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4 Ways To Get Kids Active & Healthy - One At No Cost To You!

4 Ways To Get Kids Active & Healthy - One At No Cost To You!

Purchase On Amazon.com, Designate PHIT America Your Charity, Support New PE Programs

SILVER SPRING, MD – March 29, 2016 – PHIT America is finding many ways for you to help get one million children ‘off the couch’ and active by 2020. We have 4 new ways you can help PHIT America expand our GO! Grants programs that will put physical education back in schools throughout America.

Amazon has just designated PHIT America as one of the Amazon Smile charities. When you designate PHIT America as your charity with Amazon, they will donate, at no cost to you, ½ of 1% of your purchases to PHIT America.  Yes, it won’t cost you an extra penny to give to PHIT America with this program.

Below are more details on this Amazon Smile program and other new ways to raise money to expand PHIT America programs.


Three quick steps:Amazon Smile Logo

  1. Just click on this link (HERE) when you shop on Amazon. 
  2. Designate PHIT America Foundation as your charity.
  3. Use The Smile.Amazon.com URL when shopping on Amazon.

You are done! Amazon will send PHIT America ½ of 1% of your purchases, at no cost to you.

PHIT KIDS Charity Events logo

PHIT KIDS Charity Events -  Do you run a golf, tennis, martial arts, running event or another function that can designate PHIT America as the charity of choice?  It is easy to work with PHIT America on this new program. PHIT KIDS Charity Events can get free posters & other support tools to make your successful event even bigger.  Learn more HERE. Please contact Mike May if you have further questions.

PHIT America Crowd-Funding With Razoo - PHIT America has set up a Razoo Newnew crowd-funding tool to enable you and your friends to donate to PHIT America.  See the Razoo fundraiser HERE. Please contact Colleen Courtney to learn more about this tool and ways you can help PHIT America achieve its mission. Ride Doug Ride

Organize An Event Similar To RideDougRide.org - Did you hear about Doug Gordon? This ‘young’ 61 year old from the sports & fitness industry is riding his bike across America to support PHIT America. Doug is now riding into California after starting in Charleston, SC on February 15.  With the money he is raising, it will help support physical education programs throughout the USA by expanding the PHIT America GO! Grants programs. Go to RideDougRide.org to learn more.

As PHIT America continues to lead the battle to reverse America’s ‘Inactivity Pandemic,’ you might ask, ‘How will our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization use the funds which are donated?’

PHIT America will be distributing most of the funds for GO! Grants to elementary schools across the U.S. to help rekindle P.E. programs for young students.  Forty-eight percent of all schools have no physical education and many have no recess. Children who have physical education are 2-3 times more likely to be physically active outside of school. Research shows children who have physical education also do better academically in school.  PHIT America will be using some of the donation support (20% or less) to expand its education messaging and tools as well as its administrative costs.

PHIT America will use your donation and all our resources to fulfill our mission to get America more active, fit & healthy!