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Mayors Fitness Challenge Application Overview

It is easy for a city to be part of the Mayors Fitness Challenge. We have some general rules everyone must followMFC logo 5 8 but we give a lot of flexibility as to how the city implements the challenge in their area. Once a city registers and is approved, there are many tips, tools and other benefits available from PHIT America.

Here are the eight (8) basic requirements to be part of the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge:

  1. Will establish a local website for the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge
  2. Promote the 10 week Mayor’s Fitness Challenge throughout the year
  3. Find ways to influence outstanding results from local participants (see tips and best practices)
  4. Find a local, accredited university, hospital, clinic, etc. to conduct a ‘weigh in’ pre and post the competition for local participants*
  5. Have this ‘weigh in’ partner send in the City’s results to PHIT America
  6. Use the registered trademark of the PHIT America Mayor’s Fitness Challenge and PHIT America on
  7. Make a donation of your choice to PHIT America

 Weigh In - Weigh Out 

Cities must work with a legitimate, accredited entity to do 'weigh in's' for the participants. Here are the basic parameters and steps required for the 'weigh in':

  • Participants are ‘weighed in’ at the start of the 10-week period and at the end at an independent firm (university, hospital, clinic, etc.)
  • Independent ‘weigh in’ firm submits the results to city officials and MFC@PHITAmerica.org
    • Number of participants
    • Total weight loss of all participants
    • % Weight loss
    • Average weight loss

Cities may want to expand the parameters in their community; Names of participants are held private by the recording institution.

On PHITAmerica.org, cities will be ranked based on the greatest % of weight lost in the 10 week time period.

PHIT America would like to each participating city to part of the PHIT America Alliance. There is no financial obligation to be part of PHIT America or the Mayors Fitness Challenge.

Note: PHIT America will post results from cities who are part of the Challenge. To qualify for the national Mayors Fitness Challenge City of the Year, a city must have at lease 50 local participants or ¼ of 1% of the population who take part of the competition during their 10 week Mayor’s Fitness Challenge.

Do you have a question about the Mayors Fitness Challenge? Email us at INFO@PHITAmerica.org.

  Note: TM - PHIT America Mayor's Fitness Challenge is a Trademark of PHIT America

Want to Apply?

Access The Official Form Here


Some Basic Requirements Include A Simple 'Weigh In' And 'Weigh Out'

Scale 4

 Or, Expand To Other Health & Fitness Measurements


With a Signed Application, Cities Will Then Gain Access to Many Tools, Tips and Best Practices from PHIT America

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