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Mayors Fitness Challenge




Mayors Fitness Challenge

The Mayors Fitness Challenge is a program from PHIT America for cities throughout the USA to fight the obesity and sedentary crisis. Mayors and cities sign up their residents to enter an organized 10 week fun, fitness program to get their residents moving, active and fit. The goal is to to have city residents lose as much weight as possible and improve their health during a 10 week time period...or "challenge". 

Cities are encouraged to sign up to be part of  the Mayor's Fitness Challenge. Participating cities will receive tips, best practices and many tools from PHIT America to implement a great program for their citizens.

PHIT America is reaching out to all cities and mayors to help fight the obesity & sedentary crisis to join the Mayors Fitness Challenge.

 How Can Cities Participate In The Challenge? 

Here are the parameters of the program:

  1. Promote a 10 week Mayors Fitness Challenge locally to their city residents;  Scale 4
  2. Establish a Mayors Fitness Challenge website
  3. Local participants will 'weigh-in' at the start of their 10 week challenge as well at the end of the challenge
  4. Cities must find a local accredited institution (clinics, hospitals, fitness centers, universities etc.) to conduct the 'weigh-in' and 'weigh-out'
  5. Each city will offer 10 weeks of programs, tips, and other ways participants can become more fit and healthy group treadmill
  6. The city challenge results are sent into PHIT America who will post and publicize the results; Results will include the number of participants, total weight of participants at the 'weigh in', total weight at the end of the 10 weeks or 'weigh out', average weight loss, and percentage of weight lost 
  7. Participating cities must fill out an application; A donation to PHIT America is suggested but totally optional 

PHIT America also asks MFC cities to be part of the PHIT America Alliance including receiving & posting PHIT America News Flashes whenever possible. 

 Tools, Tips, & Best Practices From PHIT America  

PHIT America will supply cities with many tools and information to run a successful Mayors Fitness Challenge. You will find everything from a step by step plan to products and services from the over 130 PHIT America Sponsors for cities to implement this program. We even have City By City Approaches outlined.  PHIT America is teaming with the many of our Sponsors including the Active Network,(Active.com) American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), Total Health Interactive and many others to offer tips and suggestions to cities. 

Once a city is qualified and registered, you will have full access to all these tools and resources provided by PHIT America.

Questions about the Mayors Fitness Challenge? Email us at INFO@PHITAmerica.org.

Want a printable presentation with details on The Mayors Fitness Challenge?   Please Click Here.

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History Of The Mayors Fitness Challenge

The Mayors Fitness Challenge was started by New Smyrna Beach, Florida Mayor Adam Barringer in 2010. Mayor Barringer has built a program involving local fitness centers, community resources, and local sponsors. The Mayors Fitness Challenge in New Smyrna Beach has evolved into a event which great event producing positive results for participants.

In 2013, Mayor Barringer has challenged another Florida city, Ormond Beach, to a friendly competition. Mayor Ed Kelley of Ormond Beach has taken the Challenge.

PHIT America is now offering this great program to every city in the USA.

Key City Characteristics

Below are some of the key attributes a city should have to implement a Mayor Fitness Challenge:

  1. A mayor or leader in the city who is committed to fitness and health
  2. Have a designated person who is empowered to manage this event
  3. Implement a good plan - PHIT America gives qualifying cities a step by step plan
  4. Utilize external & local resources such as local fitness & wellness centers, parks, etc.
  5. Utilize tools, tips, and best practices provided by PHIT America

Please note: PHIT America is not directly involved with the city implementation. We give cities all the tools and tips necessary to implement the Challenge successfully.

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 The Cost To Implement A Mayor Fitness Challenge

There is no charges to become an official Mayors Fitness Challenge city. Donations to PHIT America are appreciated but not mandatory. All of the core components of the Challenge provided by PHIT America are free. You can see these on the Tools Overview page. Some of the extra services or products a city may want to provide (T-Shirts, pedometers,  Personal Wellness Accounts, etc.) have costs associated with them.

City expenses to implement a Challenge should be covered by the Participant Registration Fee as well as support from local Sponsors. Mayor Adam Barringer has found, "The Mayors Fitness Challenge never cost our city anything. Revenues from registration fees and Sponsor have always covered expenses. The Mayors Fitness Challenge is a win win for everyone in our community ....especially the participants."

See more information on revenue and expenses you can anticipate for a Mayors Fitness Challenge on this web page: 

"Tools & Tips Overview

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