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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

An Era Ends - A New Era Begins

For 14 Years, the U.S. Department of Education supported physical education programs through a program called PEP (Physical Education Program). Almost $1 billion was allocated to needy schools which jumpstarted activity, fitness and better health for children in every state in the USA.

In 2016, these funds and more will be available through the state Departments of Education. However, these funds are not specifically targeted for P.E. This will require more timely and persistent pursuit by local schools.  Learn more below.

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Legislation Supporting Physical Education

The New Era - Congress Pushes Funds To The States

In 2016, as part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the U.S. Congress took money which was previously allocated to the Physical Education Program (PEP) and pushed it to the individual states. Those PEP funds will be combined with other funds which were previously allocated by the Federal Government to individual school programs.

Here is the good news. There will be more funds than in previous years. But, there are some real challenges, as well.
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While there are more funds, there is no guaranteed or 'targeted' allocation to physical education. In fact, all of the PEP funds could be used for other non-physical activity purposes. So, the challenge for local school and P.E. administrators is to fight hard and early for these new funds in their states. Applicants must use all their resources to show and prove the value of physical education and make sure more funds are dedicated to physical education rather than other 'competing' programs.  The good news is PHIT America has research and quotes which can help you win these grants. Please refer to the blue gray box to the right for some great information.

    We urge all local P.E. teachers who are interested in securing funds from their state to immediately contact their State Department of Education for more information. Nothing more has been published to inform you about this topic, as of January 2016.

    The State of P.E. in the USA - The Need For Support Is Huge

    There has never been a time where physical education programs in U.S. schools needed more support. Just look at some of the facts:

    • The average budget for P.E. for the average school is now just $764 per year.
    • 48% of all high schools have no P.E.
    • Many schools have eliminated recess and other physical activity breaks.
    • In a study by Pediatrics Magazine, teens are now only moving 23 minutes a day during the school day.
    • Much of the elimination of physical activity in schools has been done to focus on academics, but America's academic ranking around the world has actually slipped - See details on this web page.
    • Children in the U.S. need more physical activity in their lives, especially during the school day.
    • Kids who are active do better in school - see research and expert views here.

    PHIT America GO! Grants For School-Based ProgramsGO Grants Logo

    We at PHIT America believes so much in physical education that we have started our own grant program -- PHIT America GO! Grants to support school-based physical activity programs.  These grants support physical education, as well as before and after-school physical activity programs.

    In 2015, PHIT America issued 156 GO! Grants which have jumpstarted movement and physical activity in more than 50,000 children. We hope to greatly expand these grants as we get more support from companies, foundations and individuals.

    Learn about GO! Grants by clicking on the logo to the right.

    Make A Donation To Support P.E. Programs & Create More PHIT KIDSDonate New Blue

    With all the donations to PHIT America, the vast majority of the contributions are put to work in schools through GO! Grants which will create more active, fit and healthy children. And, here is the bonus. Kids who are more physically active do better academically in school.  We have a term for the children who are active and 'energized' -- PHIT KIDS.

    Click on the Donate logo to the right to learn more about how we create more PHIT KIDS, who are Healthier & Smarter.

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