A Movement for a FIT and Healthy America
The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

The PHIT Act & PE Legislation

PHIT America, through our 501(c)(4) corporation, advocates for common sense 'Pro-Physical Activity' legislation.  We believe prevention is the key to reducing health care expenses. With the right incentives and support, we can increase physical activity levels of all Americans, especially children. Here are the two pieces of legislation we actively support:

  • The PHIT Act - Personal Health Investment Today Act - Will allow Americans to use their pre-tax medical accounts (HSA's & FSA's) for physical activity expenses. The PHIT Act does not expand the amount of money individuals can use for pre-tax medical accounts. It just allows people to use these dollars for true health care expenses rather than sick care expenses. Learn more about the PHIT Act HERE.
  • Physical Education Legislation - Over the past 14 years, Congress has appropriated almost $1 billion to the Physical Education Program (PEP) to support quality physical education programs. PHIT America was very influential in helping to keep PEP alive through these years. Now, these funds and more are available through your State Department of Education. Click HERE to learn more.

Turn Around Expanding Health Care Costs

The federal budget keeps growing. This growth is mainly driven by increasing health care costs. Look at the chart below. PHIT America promotes 'pro-physical activity' legislation which prevents and reduces health care costs by getting Americans, especially children, more active, fit and healthy.

Federal Budget

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