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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

Inactivity Collage 2The Tremendous Impact of the 'Inactivity Pandemic'

Physical inactivity is a huge issue for our country. Childhood inactivity was recently voted the #1 concern of parents.

The 'Inactivity Pandemic' is draining America's economic resources. This epidemic is adversely impacting far too many families in our country.  Please look at the "Cost Of Inactivity" counter just above this section. There are other costs and consequences caused by the 'Inactivity Pandemic' --  see below. We must get this issue under control.


Physical Inactivity - Deadly And Getting Worse

The Lancet - "Inactivity is a Pandemic"Inactivity Pandemic Cover America

In July of 2012, The Lancet, the leading publication on global health, called physical inactivity “a pandemic with far-reaching health, economic, environmental and social consequences.”

It was then we dug into physical activity trends and realized this pandemic was not only real but getting far worse. Below is research from the Physical Activity Council and other sources which shows how this issue is impacting Americans, especially our children. You can also download some of this information and more by clicking on the The 'Inactivity Pandemic' image to the right.

Physical Inactivity Is The 4th Leading Cause of Death - Other 'Eye Opening' Facts

Physical inactivity is ranked 4th as a cause of death, just ahead of being obese or being overweight. See below the list from the World Health Organization (WHO). You will also notice that physical inactivity has a tremendous effect on four other top 10 ranked causes of death. 10 quick facts

4th Rank



The % Of Active Children Keeps Declining - Major Declines In Sports Participation Too

The trends below are not good. While inactivity rates are increasing, the biggest concern is with our children. The percentage of children who are totally inactive* or 'couch potatoes' is alarming. Inactive children means increased health issues and cost. Inactive children are also not performing as well academically. And, an inactive child will more than likely become an inactive adult. 

inactivity kids 2017   

America Is Getting More Sedentary - 2 Of 3 Are Not Active To Healthy Standards

Look at the charts below. The percentage who are totally inactive* or 'couch potatoes' is alarming. And, low income Americans are the most inactive and unhealthy. 

inactivity total vs 2007 inactivity poor

Inactivity at the 'Roots of Physical Activity'...Our Schools

This is the big issue. Kids learn basic physical activity skills and the importance of fitness in two areas - In their homes and also in schools in physical education programs. However, physical activity programs in schools have been decimated by the 'sit and learn' approach to eduction:

  • 48% of all high schools have NO physical education
  • The average budget for physical education for an entire school is $764 per year
  • The average budge for an elementary school for PE is only $460 per year
  • Many schools have eliminated recess

These reductions and trends are deadly for our children. We have generations of kids who have no physical activity skills. This is why PHIT America with our GO! Grants focuses on rebuilding physical activity programs in schools. 

Physical Inactivity And LearningBrain 2

We know how much physical inactivity harms the body. But, research is pouring in that physical inactivity affects the brain and our ability to learn. Check out this page on the impact of activity on academic performance. The new frontier in education is built upon active-based learning.

The ironic thing is our schools are doing just the opposite. In new research by Pediatrics Magazine, tracking more than 900 kids in schools, it was found out teens are moving (or physically active) in school ONLY 23 minutes per day and 42 minutes overall. 'Sit & Learn' education does not work.

Physical Inactivity - The Invisible Killer

The issues with obesity or being overweight are well known. But, as you see above, physical inactivity is a bigger killer and impacts many of the unhealthy issues we face. Why isn't physical inactivity acknowledged more as a huge issue? 

We feel because it is easy to see people who are overweight or obese. However, physical inactivity is not visible on many occasions. If we see a slender or slightly overweight person, we don't quickly judge them as being unhealthy. But, most of these non-obese people are not healthy because they don't move.  They are sedentary. This is why we say physical inactivity is the 'invisible killer.'
While PHIT America knows being overweight and eating properly is extremely important, we are focused on physically activity for better health. And, we also know that increasing physical activity improves academic performance as well.  


*Totally Inactive is measured by the Physical Activity Council in their annual research of 40,000 American; This means the person does not participate in any of 104 sport or activity program once in the past year.

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