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Tools For Cities - Details

PHIT America has many tools, contacts, clinicians and relationships to leverage to maximize the results and MFC logo 5 8experiences in your Mayors Fitness Challenge. Click on any of these to learn more, download or to be connected to a PHIT America Sponsor who you can work directly with. We have organized these by category:

 Setup & Implementation 

  1. Step by Step Plan & Timetable to Implement - We worked with Mayor Adam Barringer to outline the steps needed to implement a successful Mayors Fitness Challenge. If you follow these steps, you will have a great program. Click on the topic name to download this excel file.
  2. Website Template - You need to create a website but what is the content? Click on "website template" to download an example of the key information you will need on your Mayors Fitness Challenge city website. This link will give you all the components in Photoshop or formats you will need.
  3. Online Registration Tool from the ACTIVE Network - Active's online registration and event management service streamlines the management of your Challenge. Custom pre-designed templates help you with:
        •    online registrationsActive Logo
        •    financial transactions
        •    participant communications
        •    data management and more
    It is an easy setup process and best of all it is FREE to Mayors Fitness Challenge city organizers (small fees are charged only to participants during the online registration financial transaction). So, Click Here to contact an Active Network representative to setup and start managing your Mayors Fitness Challenge online.
  4. Personal Wellness Account for Participants by Total Health Interactive - Imagine every participant in your city having a personal online wellness tracking account that includes results for each person, other THI logoparticipants in your city, and how your city is doing vs. others.  We even send weekly emails with workout videos and healthy eating tips to every participant for the ultimate in guidance.  Costs vary depending on the size of your participant base. Available from PHIT America Sponsor, Total Health Interactive. Here is a quick overview to a great tool for you and your participants.
  5. Local Sponsors - Looking for a local sponsors? Once you expose the Mayors Fitness Challenge initiative you will find many companies will want to be involved. Here is a list of the types of companies who should be approached to support your Mayors Fitness Challenge financially or with products or services.
  6. Sponsor Recruitment Form - We have a form you can use to reach out and recruit sponsors for your city. You will see recommended sponsor levels and how to structure your sponsor levels. 
  7. Be Part of our PR Campaign - Got great results? Let us know. Email us at INFO@PHITAmerica.org with results, quotes, photos so we can share these other cities.
  8. Use Our Logos - Download our logos and use them on your materials, website, etc. You can find Mayors Fitness Challenge Logos here.
  9. Webinars on Implementation Approaches - At least twice a year we will hold a webinar for Mayors Fitness Challenge registered cities with tips and approaches to run an effective "Challenge"

  Clinicians, Programs & Speakers  TIA Logo

  1. Cardio Tennis Clinicians from the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) - This nationwide fitness program is a great way to get your residents active, fit and healthy. The TIA will help organize Clinicians to assist your Challenge. Click Here to contact the TIA for more information.
  2. Wellness and Fitness Speakers from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) - Need a dynamic, knowledgeable speaker to talk about fitness and health to your participants?ACSM logo ACSM will recruit one among their 50,000 members and certified professionals. Click here to email your request for a clinician for your city. Just let us know your city, zip code, approximate date of the speakingengagement, and how many participants you think will be in your "Challenge". ACSM Staff will contact you to discuss. 
  3. Great Run / Walk Program for Beginners - No Boundaries - is available in any city where there is a Fleet Feet Sports store.  Look here to see if there is a Fleet Feet Sports store in your area. Call them to get them engaged.

 Products & Services For Participants 

  1. Participant Handbook template from PHIT America - With the help of Mayor Adam Barringer, we have developed a 32 page Participant Handbook template filled with information your participants will want. You just need personalize with your local information and print locally. Click here to download.
  2. Personal Wellness Account for Participants by Total Health Interactive - Imagine every participant in your city having a personal online wellness tracking account including results for participants, others in a city, other city results, etc. We even send weekly emails with fitness and healthy eating tips to every participants including videos.  Costs vary depending on the size of your participant base. Available from PHIT America Sponsor, Total Health Interactive.This is a great tool for your and your participants.
  3. Fitness Tips for Participants - The American Council on Exercise (ACE) will email city participants weekly fitness tips, the ACE Fitness For Life Tips, to help keep participants focused to create behavior change. ACE logoThese tips are FREE from ACE Fitness, a PHIT America Sponsor. If you use the Active network registration tool, there is nothing for you to do. ACE will email them automatically to your participants.
  4. PHIT America News Flashes & Articles - Every city will be sent year round informational PHIT America News Flashes and Articles 2-3 times a month for you to publish covering many topics. There are FREE for participating cities.
  5. Discount Prices On Sports & Fitness ProductsACCUSPLIT logo
  • Pedometers - Give your participants a pedometer! ACCUSPLIT is offering Mayors Fitness Challenge cities a discounted price on their pedometers. Contact ACCUSPLIT here.
  • T-Shirts - A4, a leading support of quality sportswear & T-shirts, is offering great customized A4 logo newproduct at competitive pricing. Please learn how to order T-shirts and who to contact at A4 here.                                    

Use all of these resources to implement a great Mayors Fitness Challenge!