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Tips & Best Practices For Cities

Here are some tips, ideas, and recommendations PHIT America is recommending to increase the number of MFC logo 5 8participants, improve your results, and to make the Mayors Fitness Challenge into a fabulous event. We have many tools and relationships available for cities to use on this web page.

  1. Committed & Empowered Leadership - The most successful cities are those who's leadership is committed to health and wellness and the success of the Mayors Fitness Challenge. This is THE most important characteristic which is needed.
  2. Empower one person who is dedicated to fitness and health to be the contact person for the Mayors Fitness Challenge in your city. Follow the PHIT America recommended Step by Step Implementation Plan and Timetable*
  3. Have a very friendly and engaging web page or website - PHIT America has a recommended website template for cities to follow*. Some of our cities have asked local high schools or universities to build there website.
  4. Utilize the online registration tool from Active.com. See more on this GREAT tool on our Tools page. This will makeActive Logo registrations, tracking information, etc. very easy for cities.
  5. Offer an 'Early Registration" discount. This gets early registrations and allows you to plan your event more effectively.
  6. Use public relations to 'spread the word' before the Challenge and as it is going on
  7. Every city should have a "Waiver" that every city participant must sign to participate in the Mayors Fitness Challenge
  8. Start by getting government employees to take the Mayors Fitness ChallengeFitness Professional
  9. Work with local fitness centers, health clubs, YMCA's, YWCA's, etc. to offer a temporary 10 week memberships for participants
  10. Contact local corporations to start a wellness program in conjunction with the Mayors Fitness Challenge
  11. Expand the Challenge to include other health and wellness measurements like having BMI's or blood work for all participants; Please consult with physicians and specialists to implement
  12. Consider giving out a pedometer and or a heart rate monitor to participants - This is a great way to have participants engaged in fitness and health outside of the Challenge
  13. Offer continual fitness and nutrition tips to participants on a continual basis*Scale 4
  14. Conduct multiple 'weigh-in's' (and other assessments )to keep all participants focused throughout the 10 weeks. This is a valuable way to track progress for each participant
  15. Have fitness and health benefit specialists available to advise participants during their 10 week Fitness Challenge.
  16. Include in your pricing supplying a fee which will cover supplying a fitness instructor to work with a group of participants for the entire 10 week program. They will not only help the participants maximize their workouts but also keep them engaged.
  17. Find local sponsors to promote the Mayors Fitness Challenge to drive participation and results*
  18. Promote local fundraisers to support youth athletic and after school programs
  19. Ask local sports companies, retailers, etc. to participate and support the campaign
  20. Have local restaurants feature Mayors Fitness Challenge healthy tips (or meals) pre and during the Mayors Fitness Challenge
  21. Have a Final Event which will be featured and be a great accomplishment for Mayors Fitness Challenge participants. Consider a 5K Fun Run as the final event. Active.com has a great article on "How To Organize a 5K". Read in this article from the Mayo Clinic why this is a good event for beginners.

*Many of these Best Practices have Tools which are available from PHIT America to help you. Go to the Tools page to see all the resources available from PHIT America.