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New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Mayor: Adam BarringerAdam Barringer
Fitness Challenge Start Date: January 2011
Participants: From 41 to 110 in 2013
Average Weight Loss Per Participant: 19.8 lbs. in 2012

Website: http://www.themayorsfitnesschallenge.com/The_Challenge.html

Local Execution Tips, Comments and Results:

  • Some people have categorized this project as a local version of The Biggest Loser, the television show which is broadcast nationally on NBC.
  • In year two, the Challenge was changed to 10 weeks and each person who finished the Challenge lost an average of 15.5 pounds.
  • This year, the 10-week program is underway and every contestant has access to a personal trainer. New MFC Logo
  • A local hospital is also providing free blood work for each contestant.
  • “Every year, local interest grows and more people want to be a part of The Mayors Challenge,” said Mayor Barringer.  “The goal is to inspire people to adopt a healthy lifestyle year round – not just during the 10 weeks of The Mayors Fitness Challenge.  It’s working and people are getting the message.  It’s contagious, which is great!”
  • “This year, four local gyms offered free memberships to each contestant for the duration of The Mayors Challenge.  Participants are engaged in Zumba classes, kickboxing, and boot camp-style training in order to lose weight,” commented Barringer.  “And The Mayors Fitness Challenge has now evolved into a fundraiser to support youth athletics and after school programs in the city.  By spreading this message about fitness, it’s having a positive side effect on all aspects of life in our community.”
  • With money from entry fees and local sponsors, Barringer noted that a $1,000 scholarship was presented to a local high school student who designed The Mayor’s Challenge website and logo.  And the sports marketing class/academy at the local high school is involved, too, in some aspects of The Mayors Fitness Challenge.
  • Communication and cooperation in the community has been taken to another level and it’s all because of this city’s support of a fitness-inspired lifestyle.
  • “I endorse and agree with the mission of PHIT America.  It complements what we are doing in New Smyrna Beach.  By having a city wide focus on fitness, it’s having a positive impact on all aspects of life in our community.  With fitness, everybody wins.  We are ‘winning’ in New Smyrna Beach,” concluded Barringer.
  • In 2013, Mayor Barringer has challenged Mayor Kelley of the city of Ormond Beach, located just north of Daytona Beach. Mayor Kelley is conducting its own local fitness challenge and 200 people have signed up to participate.

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 Adam Barringer, Mayor Of New Smyrna Beach

Mayor Barringer


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