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Main Page - Registered Cities

Thanks for being a Mayors Fitness Challenge registered city! Now you can receive all the benefits provided by PHIT America. Below are the links to multiple web pages you can now access:MFC logo 5 8

  1. Tips & Best Practices - Overview of things we have learned from some of our initial Mayors Fitness Challenge cities as well as tapping into knowledge of the sports & fitness industry.
  2. Tools for Cities - This page is an important one. You can access, download, or link to many tools and resources provided by PHIT America or our Sponsors.
  3. City By City Approaches - See how various cities approached the Mayors Fitness Challenge and how they had successful events.

Do you want to become a Registered City? Learn more here.

If you see something we are missing, please let us know.  If you have a question, please email us at INFO@PHITAmerica.org.

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