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GO! Grants With The Morning Mile Get Kids Moving & Healthy

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PHIT America GO! Grants with the Morning Mile program gets kids moving...

  • Before school running or walking programwith music
  • Invites EVERY KIDEVERY DAYoften includes family members too!
  • 65 - 97% children participation rate; Kids run up to 650 miles per year
  • Total cost per school - $2,500* One time fee
  • Cost per child less than $10 Low cost to create new active kids and runners!
  • Kids earn rewards keeping them motivatedincluding 100 mile Major Miler status
  • Bonus benefit: kids that get moving in the AM do better in school!
  • Developed & managed by Fitz Koehler, a fitness expert, race announcer, etc.
  • Great PR opportunity for companies who sponsor a school
  • Also available providing wristbands to participants; The QR code links to your brand; See sample here...


Look at the video below to learn more!  Contact Alliance@PHITAmerica.org to learn how you can help get kids healthy and active through our GO! Grants program. 


962 Wayne Ave, Suite 300, Silver Spring MD 20910
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