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GO! Grants With The Morning Mile Get Kids Moving & Healthy

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PHIT America GO! Grants with the Morning Mile program gets kids moving...

  • Before school running or walking programwith music
  • Invites EVERY KIDEVERY DAYoften includes family members too!
  • 65 - 97% children participation rate; Kids run up to 650 miles per year
  • Total cost per school - $2,000* One time fee
  • Cost per child less than $10 Low cost to create new active kids and runners!
  • Kids earn rewards keeping them motivatedincluding 100 mile Major Miler status
  • Bonus benefit: kids that get moving in the AM do better in school!
  • Developed & managed by Fitz Koehler, a fitness expert, race announcer, etc.
  • Great PR opportunity for companies who sponsor a school
  • Also available providing wristbands to participants; The QR code links to your brand; See sample here...


Look at the video below to learn more!  Contact to learn how you can help get kids healthy and active through our GO! Grants program. 


8505 Fenton Street, Suite 211, Silver Spring, MD 20910
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