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Top Growth Sports or Activites In The Last 8 Years

Below are the top growth activities and sports in America since 2007 ranked from 1 to 111. All our numbers are from the PHYSICAL Activity Council and Sports Marketing Surveys.

If you want to see 2015 vs.2014, CLICK HERE. Please keep in mind some of the activities were not tracked in 2007. In these cases, we compared 2015 participation numbers to the first year it was tracked by Sports Marketing Surveys. You will see a note next to these activities with an indication when it was first tracked. 


*Some activities or sports we tracked for the first time after 2007
When you see a 1-6 next to a change number, the number indicates when this activity was first tracked.
1 = 2008
2 = 2010
3 = 2011
4 = 2012
5 = 2013
6 = 2014
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