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Physical Activity Produces Bettter Academic Results

The Future of Education - Increase Physical Activity For Improved Academic Performance

Besides a child's health, nothing is more important than his or her education. Unfortunately, just like the physical issues they face due to the 'Inactivity Pandemic,' our education system has not stayed competitive with the rest of the world. In fact, the U.S. ranking has slipped dramatically in the past 15 years. You can see this drop at the bottom of this page.

PHIT America feels our school administrators have overlooked the best and easiest ways for children to learn - Increased Physical Activity. Evidence and research is pouring in that physical activity during the school day is the missing link in our education system. At roughly the same time that our education ranking started to slip, the amount of physical activity during the school day started to be stripped from schools. In fact, in a December 2015 research project by Pediatrics Magazine, it was discovered that teens are active (or moving) only 23 minutes per day while at school and 42 minutes all day long. Look at the bottom of this page to see the state of physical education in the U.S.  It is sad. Children have been told to 'sit and learn,' but learning is being hampered by the sitting.New Legacy

Below you will see tremendous research about the positive impact of physical activity on learning. However, there is one study just completed which is mind boggling.  In Greenville, South Carolina, 600 children who had daily PE were measured for 'fluid intelligence' and fitness after 6 years versus other schools who had little to no PE. Look at the chart to the right. Wow. When we stripped PE out of our schools, we dramatically hurt kids physically and also their academic performance.

It is time to increase physical education in our schools. This will help both the children's health and their academic performance. Read below to see more reasons. This is why we at PHIT America say...


Just 20 Minutes Of Walking Makes the Brain Light Up...Ready To Learn!

This is independent research by Dr. Charles Hillman (University of Illinois Urbana). See how the brain is 'on fire' and ready to learn. And, this is just the side effects from walking. Higher intensity exercise will produce a sharper brain, which is even more ready to learn. 

Hillman Brains 

Research:  Increased Physical Activity = Improved Academic PerformanceHigh Fitness

Click HERE to go to a list of more than 10 research projects or observations which say, "Increasing physical activity will improve academic performance."  Some quotes from these research projects:

  • “At just one of the elementary schools, grades and test scores for students who were healthy and active increased by 13% to 48%," Dave Spurlock, Charleston, SC

  • “We found that not only did Legacy’s students improve on 92% of the fitness measures tested, but they also grew by 59% in their cognitive abilities,” Julian Reed, Furman University

  • "Students who used the gym at least seven times a month had an average GPA of 3.06," Purdue University

U.S. Education Testing Results Versus The World - The U.S. Is Losing Ground!

Look at the U.S.'s ranking in math and science and, more importantly, how competitive the U.S. is right now. And, the bar chart to the right shows how the USA spends more per capita on education than all developed countries throughout the world.

Ed Ranking Spending

While Academic Performance Has Fallen, Physical Activity Has Been Taken Out of Schools

  • 48% of all schools in the USA have no physical educationAre these changes working
  • Average budget for P.E. is now $764 per year for an entire school
  • Recess has been eliminated in many schools
  • With 'No Child Left Behind' (passed in 2001), schools focused more on academics
  • School days were extended to focus on academics
  • P.E. & other activity breaks have been cut to focus on education
  • In new research by Pediatrics Magazine, it was discovered teens are only active or moving 23 minutes per day in school



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