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$100 Donor Reward Club - You Can Save More Than You Give!

asics reward clubASICS believes so much in PHIT America we want to reward you for giving to this great charity and campaign. When you donate $100 or more to PHIT America, ASICS and other brands like Wilson, Franklin, Life Fitness, Johnson Fitness & Wellness, K-Swiss, Speedo, and Head sending you a discount code that will allow you to get a discount up to 30% on purchases on their online store! 

Some companies will give you discounts up to $200.   And, this is with just a $100 donation! You can save more $'s than you donate. 

You can get a discount from all of our sponsors of the $100 Donor Reward Club. The brands of companies participating are listed below.

And, lets not forget your $100 donation will get 10 kids 'off the couch' and active in our PHIT America GO! Grant program. PHIT America will use your donation to expand our GO! Grants to help more schools...and more kids get healthier through increased physical activity.

With a $100 donation, kids win and you win too. Everyone wins as we create...


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