A Movement for a FIT and Healthy America
The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

Celebrities For A Fit & Healthy America

Professional Athletes, Trainers, Coaches and other Celebrities are joining our Alliance and helping us find ways to create a Movement for a Fit & Healthy America! Interested in being part of our team, contact Alliance@PHITAmerica.org.

ALLENBYDenise 7 15Booty 2Michael Breed 1Herb BrownBob Bryan 3Mike Bryan 2Dave ClarkDelguercioCHRIS DOLEMANFenlatorJ GrayHarvey 4Holland 5LanzoneMcLaughlin 3Ryann OTolle 2Heather Petri 2Gary Player CelebChristina Ricci 2Ricks 2Ridley 4Shiancoe 8Brad SmithMICHELE SMITHTate 4E THOMASWALKER 8Woodley 4