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One of the most important segments of the sports & fitness industry are the grassroots leaders who deliver a great experience in local communities, facilities, and schools.  Physical Education Teachers, Sport & Fitness Instructors, Sports Medicine Professionals, Sport Coaches, Race & Event Promoters, Community Park Associations and Individual Sports & Fitness Retailers touch and influence sport & fitness participants every day.

Our PHIT America Ambassadors are Members of many of the PHIT America Sponsors below and help "spread the word" about PHIT America and other important news. 

We thank all of our Ambassadors who are listed on the bottom half of this page for their support.

Ambassador Logos 

NSGA Sears USTA Active Network DidgeBridge Midtown Athletic Clubs
SFIA NSGA Sears USTA Active Network DidgeBridge Midtown Athletic Clubs American College of Sports Medicine Dick's Sporting Goods

Delivering A Positive Experience In Clubs, Communities & Schools

This new category of PHIT America Alliance Ambassadors is growing and will be a valuable part of the PHIT America team. Want to be one of our Ambassadors? Click on Ambassador Overview document image below or learn more HERE. 

Click on the category of Ambassadors to see the many local influencers who are part of the PHIT America Alliance:


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