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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

Tools For Sponsors To Use

Below and to the right are various tools for our Sponsors to use.

1. Press Release pushed out by the Sponsor - Click HERE for the Template


2. Website Banner Ads - See right column

3. The 'Ultimate in Direct Marketing' - Our wristbands for participants in our GO! Grants programs or events - Participants will see the logo of the sponsor and the QR code can link to a sponsors promotion, etc.

wristband asics

4. General Information on PHIT America - For your website, etc. HERE


5. PHIT America Logo with URL - See right column


6. Sponsor logos - See right column


7. PHIT KIDS Charity Event logo - See here ....PHIT KIDS Charity Events logo


8. Starting A PHIT Kids Charity Event - Click HERE

9. Start a fundraiser - Crowd Funding - Contact Colleen Courtney


10. Information on the Inactivity Pandemic - Click HERE

  •    Downloadable version HERE

11. Multiple ways to leverage PHIT America - Click HERE


12. Other logos to use - See below


2. Website Banner Ads

Always Link To

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4. PHIT America Logo With URL

PHIT America logo with URL 

5. Sponsor Logos

new sponsor logo 

silver sponsor logo new 

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