A Movement for a FIT and Healthy America
The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

Tools - PHIT America Supporters

Below and to the right are various tools for our Supporters, Partners & Sponsors to use for both PHIT America.

1. Logo (right column)

2. Sponsor Logos (right column)

3. Overview -  PHIT America - For your website, etc. HERE; For slightly more information, here is a 2 page document on the 'Inactivity Pandemic' and our 501(c)(3) charity - HERE

4. Press Release pushed out by the Sponsor - Click HERE for the Template

5. Key Links For Information 

8. Key taglines

  • Get A Kids 'Off The Couch' and Moving - Support PHIT America
  • PHIT America - A 'Movement' for a Active, Fit and Healthy America
  • Active Kids - Healthy Kids - Better Students

9. Website Banner Ads (right column)

10. Videos - Very Important - Go to Videos.PHITAmerica.org

12. Start a fundraiser - Crowd Funding 

13. Information on the Inactivity Pandemic - Click HERE

  •    Downloadable version HERE

15. Other logos to use 

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PHIT America Logo With URL

PHIT America logo with URL 

   Sponsor Logos

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Website Banner Ads

Always Link To PHITAmerica.org

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