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How Donations Are Used In Tennis

Donations to PHIT Americaa are used to Help A Child Become Fit & Healthy through our PHIT America GO! Grants program. GO! Grants jump-start a life of physical activity in children through school-based programs. These programs will teach child the basic physical activity skills. And, donations from the tennis community will also be used in schools that have a youth tennis program and after school tennis program from the United States Tennis Association. Learn more here.Go Grants logo 2

Why schools? First, schools are where 'all the kids are'. Physical education and other physical activity programs in schools is the place where children learn basic physical skills - Throwing, catching, running, and many other skills we use throughout our lives and are important when kids learn how to play tennis. Unfortunately, today 48% of all high schools have no physical education and the average budget for physical education in the average school is $764 per year...for an entire school!  Many kids today have no physical activity or skills which affects their health and academic performance. 

We have over 15 different types of physical activity programs that are implemented in schools. Why so many? Every school is different and local leaders or 'school champions'  need to fully embrace the program they are implementing and sustaining. Here are some of the programs we implement in schools. 

GO! Grants are focused on helping children overcome two major issues - health and academic performance. We have documented the tremendous benefits of physical activity for personal health on this web page. The second area, improving academic performance, is captured on this web page.

You can count on PHIT America being extremely accountable with your donation. At least 80% of your donation will be used for our GO! Grants program.  We are a "lean and mean" organization. 

If you would like more information on our GO! Grant program, please visit HERE.

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With Your Support, Sedentary Children Are...


Taught Skills To Be Active Their Entire Life..... And They Also Learn To Play Tennis


Physical Activity - Great ROI

INVEST $1.00, SAVE $3.20

The net benefit of our efforts, besides having more fit and healthy Americans, is to prevent and reduce health care costs. Research by the World Health Organization shows $1 invested in physical activity can reduce health care spending by $3.20.  In reality, we have more of a 'sick-care' system than health care. We treat people after they get sick. PHIT America wants to redefine health care to have more prevention. True health care has to include improved fitness and physical activity to prevent sick care expenses before they happen.

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