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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising

How Your Donations Are Used

Donations to PHIT Americaa are used to Help A Child Become Fit & Healthy.  We are focused on helping children overcome two major issues - health and academic performance. We have documented the tremendous benefits of physical activity for personal health on this web page. The second area, improving academic performance, is captured on this web page.

We focus on these opportunities through our programs and campaign in two ways:

  1. Get one million children active by 2020! We are giving out PHIT America GO! Grants to school-based programs in communities which will jumpstart more movement and a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Educate millions of Americans, especially parents, about the issues and compel them to be physically active, fit, and playing more sports to achieve better health and academic performance.

While we work on many other fronts to accomplish our mission, the vast majority of your donation will be invested in these two initiatives.  There is more information on each of these below. By implementing these plans, we are able to increase physical activities in the lives of children which dramatically improves their health and academic performance. We are creating children who will be PHIT KIDS. Learn more about PHIT KIDS here.


1. GO! Grants Jumpstart More Movement In Schools

We must give Americans, especially our children, specific ways to get more active and play more sports, in order to be fit and healthy. PHIT America is implementing this strategy in multiple ways. Our primary program is to award PHITGO Grants Logo America GO! Grants to school-based physical activity programs for 5-12 year olds.  We don't just want kids who want to be active. We want to get all children to live active, healthy lives.  The best environment for this approach is to work with and support school-based programs. 

In 2015, we set a goal with our Founding Sponsor, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, to get 10 million children 'off the couch' and active by 2025. We have distributed over 375 GO! Grants which will jump-start more movement and physical activity for more than 175,000 U.S. school children.

Your donation will help us accomplish our goal of getting 10 million sedentary children active by 2025. PHIT America awards grants to programs which will get some of the 10 million sedentary children, or the 33 million children who are not active to healthy standards, in programs which will transform their lives.  For a donation of $10, you can help a child become healthier and improve his or her academic performance. 

PHIT America has a three-year partner, KIDS in the GAME, which is implementing these programs. We analyze, vet, monitor and demand results of all the programs we work with to make sure we achieve our goals.

 2. Educate Millions Of Americans, Especially Parents

PHIT America will communicate to Americans on many levels to explain the issues with the 'Inactivity Pandemic,' its ramifications, and the impact on health and academic performance.  Here are some significant ways we educate Americans:

  • NEW Documentary - This is an exciting project which will be released in 2016. We will produce a 30-minute documentary on the 'Inactivity Pandemic,' the causes, ramifications and our PHIT America solutions. We will also have 15, 5 and 3-minute versions. And, you will see our story on both TV and through social media.  The entire project is being financed by private investments and corporations.

  • News Articles - We publish 2-3 educational news articles every month, sending them to Americans directly or through our 100+ sponsors to their contacts. If you would like to receive these news articles directly, please join our Fan Club here.

  • Public Relations - We have a internal staff which is finding ways to create awareness of our story in general media. This is another way to educate more Americans about the negative side effects of the 'Inactivity Pandemic.'
  • Great Digital Tools - Our website, Twitter and Facebook presence are strong. This is a low-cost, high-impact way to educate and communicate with Americans.

You can count on PHIT America being extremely accountable with your donation. We are a "lean and mean" organization. You won't find any 'fat' in our budget. We will make sure we are driving home the message about the importance of increased physical activity, fitness, better health and improved academics throughout America!

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Physical Activity - Great ROI

INVEST $1.00, SAVE $3.20

The net benefit of our efforts, besides having more fit and healthy Americans, is to prevent and reduce health care costs. Research by the World Health Organization shows $1 invested in physical activity can reduce health care spending by $3.20.  In reality, we have more of a 'sick-care' system than health care. We treat people after they get sick. PHIT America wants to redefine health care to have more prevention. True health care has to include improved fitness and physical activity to prevent sick care expenses before they happen.


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