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The Cost of Obesity in the USA in 2013 Keeps Rising
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About PHIT America

PHIT America is a cause and campaign dedicated to increasing physical activity and fitness to improve the health of all Americans.  PHIT America was launched in January 2013 with the support of more than 100 companies and organizations. While the name PHIT sounds like FIT, it also has another meaning. PHIT stands for Personal Health Investment Today. We feel we must invest in personal health through fitness to improve the health of Americans, especially our children.

The obesity crisis is well documented. It is a tremendous issue for many Americans and is driving up our overall Inactivity Pandemic Consumer 2016 Coverhealth care costs. However, there is another huge issue, actually a global pandemic, which is equally troubling - Inactivity. Physical inactivity is the 4th leading cause of death and more people are dying of physical inactivity than smoking in America. Learn more about the 'Inactivity Pandemic' on this web page or click on the image to the right.

80% of children are at risk of disease due to physical inactivity and 2/3rds are not active to healthy standards. More and more children are 'couch potatoes' as their level of physical activity is limited to moving their fingers while using electronic devices.  They are not moving their bodies. This is why PHIT America has adopted this mission:

"Dramatically Improve the Health of Americans, Especially Children, By Implementing ‘Pro-Activity’ Programs"

PHIT America is helping to solve two huge issues that children face: 1. Health & Wellness 2. Academic Performance.  The benefits of physical activity for the body are well documented. You can learn more here. But now, there is conclusive research an active child is a better student. There are more than 10 independent studies that show physical activity improves academic results. See all the ways physical activity helps academic performance here.

This is why  PHIT America implements programs which help create more physically active, healthy and smarter children. Learn more about PHIT KIDS -- here.

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Key Strategies To Get Kids Active, Moving, Healthier & Smarter  

  1. Get one million children active by 2020! We are giving out PHIT America GO! Grants to school-based programs in communities which will jump-start more movement and a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Educate millions of Americans, especially parents, about the issues and compel them to be active, fit, and playing more sports to achieve better health and academic performance.

  3. Help to pass common sense U.S. legislation which will result in more active and fit Americans which will prevent health care costs.  This will primarily be accomplished through our 501(c)(4) corporation and not our 501(c)(3) corporation which is covered throughout this page.
  4. Build a strong alliance of Sponsors, Donors, Ambassadors, Doctors, and Celebrities to work together to get America more active, fit and healthy.

1. Jump-start More Movement For One Million Kids By 2020  

Changing behavior starts with families, communities and schools. PHIT America has initiatives for all three, but has a concentrated effort to get one million children active by 2020 through PHIT America GO! Grants which serve school-based programs. GO Grants Logo

In the past two years, while working closely with the Sports & Fitness Industry Association and more than 20 companies, we awarded GO! Grants to school-based programs which are helping to get more over 100,000 school children physically active during the school day.  The GO! Grants were awarded to schools after a thorough vetting process.  Schools which were focused on quantifiable results and sustainability were selected to receive GO! Grants.  Learn about our GO! Grants here.

Americans can help now, too. With a donation of $20, PHIT America will help a child transform his or her life from being sedentary to Donate New Bluebeing active which will lead to a healthier life. Your donation will be used to expand the GO! Grants and other programs to help PHIT America attack childhood inactivity which will result in more PHIT KIDS - Healthier & Smarter.  Learn more here.

PHIT America also has a program focused on towns and cities, the Mayors Fitness Challenge. This free 10-week fitness program will jump-start physical activity in cities throughout America. Learn more here.  And finally, PHIT America has the "Online Yellow Pages" of places to be active, fit and healthy - GET FIT HERE. Check out our database of more than 50 sports or activities which have local programs or services in your community. Check out GET FIT HERE.

2. Educate Millions of Americans, Especially Parents

While community based programs are the most important approach to getting children more active, educating America, especially parents is also extremely important.

PHIT America will be broadcasting a new 30-minute documentary on the 'Inactivity Pandemic,' its ramifications, and our solutions. This film will start the education process and be seen nationally and in various lengths and via social media.  PHIT America will also educate Americans by publishing eye-opening news flash articles 2-3 times a month which will be sent to Americans directly and through our 100+ sponsors and other supporters. PHIT America sponsors also are promoting increased physical activity, sports, and fitness programs.  PHIT America publicizes research and stories which stress the importance of being physically active and fit for a healthy lifestyle.

You can see our most recent PHIT America news flash articles on this web page. Americans who want to receive these articles and other information from PHIT America should join our Fan Club.

3. Pass Common-Sense 'Pro-Activity' U.S. Legislation 

With the increasing costs of health care, it is vital we prevent these costs before they arise. As a primary focus of our 501(c)(4) corporation, PHIT America is 'redefining health care' with two pieces of U.S. legislation which are common- sense approaches to getting Americans more active, fit and healthy.

  1. The PHIT Act - The Personal Health Investment Today Act is new legislation which will allow Americans to use Pre-tax Medical Accounts for physical activity expenses such as children's sport or fitness program fees, 'Pay-To-Play' fees, sports camps, sports equipment, etc. The PHIT Act is true healthcare prevention. We prevent healthcare costs before they arise through being physically active and fit. A recent study by the World Health Organization found $1 invested in physical activities will reduce $3.20 in health care expenses. Learn more about the PHIT Act HERE.
  2. Physical Education Legislation - PHIT America and its founder were instrumental in the passage of the Physical Education Program, a 14 year federal program which supplies grants from the Department of Education to physical education programs in local communities. Now, these funds have been shifted to the states to redistribute.  Learn more about these funds HERE. Research is very compelling showing the benefits of PE.  Kids who have physical education are more than twice as likely to be active outside of school. And, there is conclusive research a child who is active is a better student too.

4. Build A Strong Alliance of Companies and Volunteers Working Together As One

The 'Inactivity Pandemic' is a major issue. It can't be turned around by one company or individual. PHIT America brings together hundreds of companies plus donors, doctors and celebrities and local influencers or ambassadors to accomplish our goals. It is one of our real strengths. PHIT America started with the support of the sports & fitness industry and now PHIT America is expanding its alliance to companies, foundations and donors from every part of our economy.

Click here to find out how companies or foundations can support our campaign. For individuals, please click here.

PHIT America is fighting the 'Inactivity Pandemic' around the world. Check out to learn more.

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